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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Love You, Sushi.

For my one and only Sushi, a haiku on the second anniversary of the Darkest Day...

Little white muff paw
Unfurling to reach for me
Veiled eyes grinning true

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Real Refugees of Washington, D.C. (Episode 2)

"What Shops Do They Have At The National Mall?"

The above question is asked by 3-Fish when the ladies visit the Capitol on a tour guided by someone from Sen. Brownbeck's office and rub elbows with DC's elite as they dine on reduced-priced buffet at the Dirken Senate Building. Nonny Nu makes a quick stop by the Supreme Court for a short photo op, but a visit to the National Cathedral is cut short when The Jean Cutter arrives. Tensions rise when the Jean Cutter is not met at the airport, and is instead instructed to get to the hotel on her own and that dinner will be from McDonald's. Fortunately, there is a culinary happy ending when the real dinner is revealed to be clams in black bean sauce and assorted other Chinese food items.

Awesome sights in this episode: underground trolly/subway system connecting important buildings in DC; center in the original basement of the Capitol from which the entire city radiates, as designed by city planner, L'Enfant; Capitol's dome; purple eggs at a local grocery store.

In the next episode, 3-Fish determines the menu without knowing it, and The Jean Cutter is moved by history. Ca Loc, however, remains unimpressed with the city.

Mystery Photo 1: Who is this and what is she doing?
Mystery Photo 2: Where is Mr. Nonny Nu in this photo taken inside the Hart Senate Building?

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