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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shamelisted: Poorly Signed Hikes

This is about as bad as what Stillman and I saw on Sunday when we went on our latest hike. OMG, I couldn't believe this thing. Okay, lemme start from the beginning.

We went to the Upper Stevens Creek County Park. It's only a 5.5 mile loop, as compared to the 7+ mile loop at Phleger Estates. I hadn't been hiking since MonkeyPig visited, which was almost an entire month ago, so you can just imagine how out of shape I am (I've also slipped off my running schedule and Mr. Nonny Nu has threatened me with morning calisthenics again--I HATE THOSE). Anyhow, we get there and it was bad from the beginning. The hike synopsis told us to "look for a narrow, unmarked path heading east." Okay, seriously, WTF, right?

Anyway, after a false start (I parked at the wrong place and Stillman had to set me straight), we found the entrace and off we went. Folks, if I'm lyin' I'm dyin', but not one sign matched the county-provided map. Needless to say, we headed 2 miles out of our way because we were led astray by the non-signs. And, if you look at the elevation description, it's a steep hike. It was all downhill from the beginning, so, once we figured out our way back, it was all uphill (nearly 800 feet ascent) and not at the strollable 7 degree slope either. Get this--the hike synopsis says: "A few early switchbacks lull you into the false confidence that this will be a gently graded ascent. As you get further uphill, steeper sections set you straight." Right. It wouldn't be so bad if the signs actually told us where to go.

I was looking forward to a good strenuous hike since I hadn't been hiking for almost a month, so I didn't even bring Professor Know-It-All or my hand-me-down camera. I just wanted to focus on the hike. Personally, I had a great time because I was confident that we'd find our way out of there eventually. And, we had a nice little rest with a couple of clementine oranges, so everything was just dandy. But, I just think it's such a disgrace how poorly marked this trail is. Here, take a look, this is what one of the junctions look like:We were supposed to take the trail to the left where the reflector "marker" is, you see? You see?


stillman said...

that's where we were supposed to turn?????? yeegads. sorry I dragged you 2.5 miles down a hill, across a creek and back.

I felt alright the next day, surprisingly.

Nonny Nu said...

Yeah, can you believe that?? Who could POSSIBLY know that that was a trail, especially considering the fact that they drum it into us to stay on the "well-marked" (ha!!) trail?

I was hurtin'. Especially going downstairs...

sorry I dragged you 2.5 miles down a hill, across a creek and back.
It's not your fault!! Neither of us had any idea where to go. By the way, I figured out a name for us: The Venture Sisters. It is in reference to The Venture Brothers.

Nonny Nu said...

P.S. The description of The Venture Brothers read (with modifications in reference to us in square brackets):

"The Venture brothers [you and me] are two all-American teens who spend most of their time hopping from one adventure to the next. Along with their caustic and self-centered father, Dr. Venture [Mr. Nonny Nu], the brothers have the uber-spy Brock Samson [Freelance Midget/Professor Know-It-All/MonkeyPig] to protect them. Beset on all sides, the Venture brothers do all they can just to make it out alive!

stillman said...

okay, that works, although I'd like to look for more uber-spies to save us.

Reverend Doctor Terry V[enture] said...

" although I'd like to look for more uber-spies to save us"

well that just tears it! you know,, man.