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Friday, May 18, 2007

Screwed over, ONCE AGAIN...

I regret to inform you that the PHOENIX SUNS have lost to the DIRTY, ROTTEN BASTARDS San Antonio Spurs. It's really true. I saw it with my own two eyeballs. The San Antonio Spurs have won!* So, whoever said that cheaters don't win is dead wrong.

We have suffered quite a few injustices this week. It all started with Goldie (real name "Courtney") being kicked off of Flavor of Love: Charm School because *drumroll please* she didn't get into arguments! Then, Melinda Doolittle got voted off American Idol. Now this. What is this world coming to? Am I going to have to root for the Jazz, who some have referred to as "The Utah Momos"?? I really never thought I'd have to stoop so low, but maybe that is the ticket. I don't know. Will it hurt San Antonio to win the Western Conference title and then lose the Championship? Or, will it hurt them more if they didn't even win the Western Conference title? These are all questions that I am juggling at this point in my life.

Suns, boy did we get screwed. I'm proud of you guys, though, especially Bell (he's cute!). No, I'm kidding. I'm REALLY proud of Nash. Sure, some say he could have played better and that the Spurs shut him out completely, but give the guy a break. Did you see the bruise on his left leg? He's taken a beating, much more severe than anything any NBA player should have to take. After all, this is not ghetto ball we're playing. In some sense, it would've been easier to play ghetto ball if everyone was playing that. But, when you have a team that shoves players into the scorers' table, or kicks players in the nuts, and they aren't treated in the same way, how exactly is that special kind of evil to be defeated?

Now, it is late, and I have many orange tears to cry into my purple pillow...

* This big red asterisk will FOREVER hover over all references of the Spurs' win.


Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

It completely sucks that Horry and the Spurs get rewarded for something they should have been penalized for. By the same token, Stoudamire and Diaw knew the rules about leaving the bench. It has been the policy for their entire careers. If they didn't get suspended a game, most people would be putting a big red asterisk next to PHX in 2007, too. But, who am I explaining the letter of the law to, a blog full of lawyers?

I feel your pain Nus. :(

Earl Warren E. Burger said...

while standing in line for movie tickets, a man hurriedly and without good cause pushes past your wife, knocking her to the floor. you've known your entire life that you mustn't accost your neighbor in vengeance. how do you react? is there another law at work here that in some way should reign superior to your local criminal ordinance?

a petite, rather innocent-looking girl heads down a beaten path and into a field. out of the woods jumps some exuberant youth, one of whom throws a rather large rock at the girl; struck upon her head, she falls to the ground. we know the law: no throwing rocks at people. should it matter, then, that our young rock-thrower knew that the girl was both deaf, blind, and heading straightway toward a cliff that had she fallen from would have assuredly killed her?

our law is intended to maintain order, indelibly fused with equity. we strive for justice in our law that some might argue was seldom found in any terrestrial king's law. if we deny intent a factor to be weighed upon our scales of justice, our scales work against us.

law is more than inputting facts into a computer and awaiting response. what must be reviewed here is whether stoudamire and diaw intended to cause harm when they impulsively sprang from the bench after horry injured nash. the nba, however, never took intent into account; it was enough for them to suspend stoudamire and diaw from a most critical game, simply because they physically--and for whatever purpose--stepped away from the bench.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

The circumstances of when the violation took place (i.e. the biggest game of the playoffs) should also have no bearing on the determination by the NBA. The NBA has disregarded the intent of the players as well as the timing of the violation. If this game would have been played in December as game 23 of an 82 game regular season, Stoudamire and Diaw would have surely been suspended even if their intent was not to escalate the skirmish between PHX and the Dirty Rotten Bastards.

I think that no special consideration was given to PHX because of it being the playoffs, and for them to ask for an exception to the rule because it prevented them from having two of their best players available in the biggest game is ludicrous. Stoudamire and Diaw should have thought of the consequences before impulsively acting. They hurt themselves, the NBA only enforced its rules. Was it fair or just? No it wasn't. Did PHX pay a bigger price than necessary? Yes. But if the NBA had turned the other cheek and ignored Stoudamire's and Diaw's indiscretions what slippery slope does that lead to?

Nonny Nu said...

It seems to me that Man From U.N.C.L.E.'s and Mr. Nonny Nu's points aren't inconsistent with each other. The rule sucks because it is a strict liability rule that does not take into account intent. The NBA applied that rule fairly and without regard for the timing or the individuals involved, but what they should have done is not have such a lame rule in the first place.

Earl Warren E. Burger said...

"Was it fair or just? No it wasn't. Did PHX pay a bigger price than necessary? Yes."

and there you have it. now you might wish to contemplate the wisdom of a ruling that led to such injustice.