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Monday, April 30, 2007

OMG, kill me now. I beg you, please kill me now.

Okay, what is going on, people? So, KFC isn't going to use transfat margarine in their cooking anymore? Are you serious? Soybean oil? Why don't they just feed us tofurky?

Last night, Mr. Nonny Nu had KFC for dinner and it just wasn't the same. I can't believe what I'm reading here. Some of you might know that I have been quietly campaigning for KFC to be added to the list of restaurants from which my firm orders dinner for underlings who stay late to work at night. No longer will I do that. I am appalled at this. Fried chicken made with soybean oil. I'm Chinese and a soyaholic and even I am disgusted by this decision.

I just don't understand why the health nuts can't keep their health consciousness to themselves. If they want something healthy, DON'T GO TO A FAST FOOD PLACE. But, no, they want to revamp the fast food places to fit their needs/views. I'm pissed beyond belief right now. Nobody messes with my fried foods, man.

It's not an easy fix like adding green onions to Taco Smell. I can't bring the chicken home and then refry it with regular oil, you know? What do you all think we should do about this??


Cpl. Conniption said...

i wonder if Harland Sanders would have a problem with this. his early franchise employees claim that he would basically 'white glove' their stores upon inspection, and that they had better have the gravy right--or else. the man was obsessed with his recipes, their preparation and presentation. kinda makes me sad to think how sad he'd be, considering how hard he worked for his vision and the people involved with it.

ogunsgirl said...

I agree that this change is retarded. How many people EXPECT to get a healthy meal from KFC or McDonald's? lol

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Let's leave live chickens at every KFC with the original KFC recipe tied to their ankles. I live next door to a chicken farm. I'll forward 2-3 live chickens to every TWoNN Hall of Famer, which means Mr. Nonny Nu will get nearly 25 chickens given his number of pseudonyms. That will be a message that will be unable to be ignored.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

What's up with the date on your blog entries?

Cpl. Conniption said...

man from u.n.c.l.e. is right. i think it would be kinda cool to walk into a KFC and see live chickens scuttling among the customers. "i'll take that one running by the cashier's ankles! fry it up."

Nonny Nu said...

Let's leave live chickens at every KFC with the original KFC recipe tied to their ankles.
That is an EXCELLENT idea, Man From U.N.C.L.E.!! Now, how do we get the original recipe? Can someone from the U.N.C.L.E. organization obtain that secret document? I just hope it's as well guarded as the Bush's Baked Beans recipe. Maybe there's a talking chicken who has it memorized?? Ooooooh, better yet, let's steal THAT chicken, have it teach the recipe to the rest of the chickens, and leave all of those recipe-spouting chickens to our local KFCs??

Nonny Nu said...

What's up with the date on your blog entries?
The blog entries are dated when I START them. Each night, I start a blog entry, which sets the date. Sometimes (like when I'm too pooped after hiking 7 miles along the side of a cliff for 3 hours), I don't finish the entry until the next day when I finish resizing the photos. When I post the entry, it gets the date of when I started the entry.

Cl. Sanders said...

You can blame this nonsense on all of your lawyer friends.

At least I won this one.

Cpl. Conniption said...

oh, okay. here we have another physician-would-be-lawyer filing a legal complaint that was appropriately tossed, not to mention made an object of ridicule (did i mention that?). listen, just because physicians are finding out far too late their scholastic misguidance does not mean they should clog our system with frivilous actions. if someone wants to work as a lawyer, perhaps they should become a lawyer. don't they teach them anything in medical school?

i hope this helps.

Nonny Nu said...

Cl. Sanders
Okay, I know who is posing as Cl. Sanders, but I'm not saying. Well, okay, I'll say something, but all I'm saying is that this person would make such a good lawyer!! (OMG, I've already said too much because now you know this person is not a lawyer and that hacks off about half of the TWoNN Hall of Famers.) *zips lips*

Cpl. Conniption
You tell 'em Cpl. Conniption!!

Down with Medicine!
Law Forever!!

Cpl. Conniption said...

oh, i'm all about medicine. in fact, i savor mine every night around seven (bless northern california vineyards). it's the pretentious, poo-chined nutpilots too commonly found (80%+) meandering hospital halls in the guise of real physicians who get to me. never mind some second-year pill pusher (pill taker is more like it) who thinks people should be impressed with an embroidered name on a butcher's apron, give me a hard working nurse with 15+ years experience.

as for Law Forever!! well, that's just redundant.