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Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cl. Panic!!

Wow! You are eleven years old today. How does it feel??

I hope you have a wonderful birthday while at work today and that you eventually get your fish tacos. In the meantime, feast on this very special Apple cake that I baked for you.

Long Live Panic!

P.S. A-Dog--those cranraisin and oatmeal cookies were awesome, as usual!


cl. panic said...

Thanks NN!

GhettoFOBulous said...

Cl: Have a great birthday!

Old Man Palin said...

eleven! eleven, already? hop on up here, kid. let's take a look 'atcha.

now, listen. you're a big'n now. right near man sized. perd soon, yer fuzz'll stiff'n up and go its own way, and you might even croak like a bullfrog for a while, but that's just God's way a showin' ya it's time to firm yer grip up. don't ask, it'll all come natural.

maw? maw! get up in hyar! feel a holt 'o these. that seem 'bout right to you? okay then. t'weren't nothin, just thought they wobbled funny is all.

c'mon, gather 'round children. that's right, sit thare. hit it 'fore sunday come around, grandmaw! that's the time.

a one, and a two...

o/` happy birthday, in a hot bath
o/` to those nice, nice nights
o/` i remember always
o/` always i got such a fright
o/` seeing them in my dark cupboard
o/` with my great big cake
o/` if they were me
o/` if they were me
o/` and i was you
o/` and i was you
o/` if they were me and i was you
o/` would you have liked a present too?
o/` happy birthday! happy birthday!

~ ~ ~

p.s. i would very much care for some nice cranraisin oatmeal cookies too, please. thank you.

Nonny Nu said...

We could make a mint if we were a reality show, Mr. NN...

cl. panic said...

p.s. i would very much care for some nice cranraisin oatmeal cookies too, please. thank you.

Mr. NN: If you'd ever come over and visit, maybe that could be arranged. ;)

Old Man Palin said...

well, you just tell a-dog to keep that oven warm, and not to put away the baking soda just yet.

however, i think you and your agent (mrs. nn) are being unreasonably cruel. she pretty much said the same thing the other day, assuring me that no more cookies existed, as she wiped the crumbs away from her cranberry stained lips. "none for you" i believe were her words.

~ ~ ~

A-dog said...

I'll turn on the oven for those cookies just as soon as you come on over to the panic-dog residence.... mmm...cookies...

Old Man Palin said...

alright, alright. i think everyone needs to take a deep breath and settle down. ~~inhaaaale~~ and ~~exhaaale~~ very good. remember, we're all friends here. nothing to get excited about.

now, then, a-dog, let's be reasonable. you and i both know there's nothing that a little money can't fix between friends, right? 'course not. now it just so happens that i have right here in my hands a nice, crisp $10 bill. -=snap!=- look at that. brand spankin' new.

and, you know, a nice, young lady could buy herself a lot of chocolate chips with that kind of dough.

but it needn't end there! oh, no! see, until i can get over there to see you guys, i was thinking maybe, oh, i don't know--well, perhaps you could go ahead and remember me, should you again play 'lets make some cookies!' and if you wanted to bake a batch in the extraordinarily near future, i just might be persuaded to add on another $5--a 'cinco de july' gift, if you will--to your baking fund.

think about it.

~ ~ ~

Anonymous said...

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