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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Phleger Estate

Today, Stillman took me to the Phleger Estate for a good long hike. Our hike actually consisted of a conglomeration of four trails: Crystal Springs Trail, Miramontes Trail, Raymundo Trail, and Mount Redondo Trail. Here's a map. The total hiking distance was about 7 miles. It was a pretty good work out because of the grade in the Raymundo and Mount Redondo portions of the hike. We parked in Huddart Park, which is not on the Phleger Estate, but that is where we entered Crystal Springs Trail.

As we discussed on the blog earlier this week, rain was predicted for Saturday and Sunday. I was concerned that that would throw a wrench into my hiking plans, but Stillman suggested that we get an early start, since rain was predicted for Saturday afternoon. So, I donned my old kicks, and I followed Stillman into Crystal Springs Trail. (See? I TOLD you she looks just like Elisabeth Shue.)

One of the first things we saw was a moss covered rock that was *gasp* vandalized. I was appalled and my blood began to boil. Good thing I ran into a kung fu master who advised me to quiet my emotions and enjoy the rest of the hike. "One shouldn't let a pair of fish eyes spoil the whole fish soup," she said. I thanked her and continued my hike. Soon, I came upon a lizard who flagged me down and asked me, "Nonny Nu, may I mumble dog face in the banana patch?" I graciously allowed him to do so. Besides, since I only had a small breakfast, I was too busy eating my mid-morning snack to argue with him. Stillman was otherwise occupied. She was trying out a new aerodynamic style of hiking, which made the trees' heads spin.

Anywhoo, we soon came to the Miramontes Trail, and the forest became darker because of the thick canopy overhead. I noticed quite a bit of poo here, which was quickly explained when the poo factory passsed us along the trail. Seriously, though, I love horses. They are like well-mannered, non-snobby cats. This part of the hike was shady and mossy, with trees strewn all over, and a lot of massive clovers. There was also a beautiful brook, a bit wider than the one we saw at Long Ridge last week.

As we progressed, we entered an area known as "chapparal" that had more sun because the trees weren't as large and the leaves didn't form much of a canopy overhead. There were a lot of smallish wild flowers in bloom, but the prettiest flower there was the wild iris. Soon, we were headed back toward the larger redwood trees with the canopy overhead.

Now, we were ready for the loop, which begins at the Raymundo Trail and continues through the Mt. Redondo trail. The grade was pretty steep here. There were switchbacks galore, and spots on the trail where you had to really look to find the next part of the trail. That was one aspect that was totally awesome about the trail! Here, the trail was a bit muddy, but the trees were gorgeous. Moss covered trees and rocks alike.

But, the coolest thing we saw was a pair of deer. Sorry, I couldn't get a clearer picture, but there are two right in the middle of this picture. We saw the same two deer again a little bit later. Check out their eyes reflecting the flash from my camera. At first, I could only see an all black photo on my camera viewscreen. It wasn't until I got home and enlarged the photo did I see their eyes and the outline of their heads. (Good thing I didn't delete that photo, Stillman!) All I could do was stand there in awe. It was at this time that the kung fu master reappeared and told me, "Good fish soup, eh?"

Last but not least, we saw the Earth Day Banana Slugs Parade.


Stillman said...

Would you please airbrush my left hand back in?
Thank you.
Bye bye.

Nonny Nu said...

i would, of course, do what you ask, but this is a family channel. that is, i've heard of flipping the bird, but flipping off a bird, stillman, i mean come on!

Nonny Nu said...

^^GAH! That was Mr. Nonny Nu impersonating me. It's easy to tell because the comment is all in lower case and the username isn't a hot link to my profile (check out the hot linked "nonny nu" on this comment). I'm telling you, this guy is something else (see yesterday's blog entry.

Now, I will reply to Stillman:

Stillman, I would, of course, do what you ask, but this is a family channel. That is, I've heard of flipping the bird, but flipping off a bird, Stillman, I mean, COME ON!!

SUNS said...

congrats golden state warriors.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Your photography is improving. The clover shot looks very professional, and I noticed in it a lonesome banana slug trying to make her way to the EarthDay Parade! Why didn't you wear your new Sketchers?

Nonny Nu said...

I didn't wear my new Sketchers because I didn't want to get mud on them. That's why I wore my old kicks. I actually have another pair of running shoes that aren't as dirty as these old kicks, and I save those running shoes for daily wear/running. BUT, Mr. Nonny Nu is hooking us up with new HIKING BOOTS!! People, I'm going pro.

MonkeyPig said...

We still don't see Stillman. Does she actually have a face.

I think we should put mossed stone all over the city. This way, kids can grafitti it and the moss will grow back -- self erase.

MonkeyPig said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MonkeyPig said...

So, if I am not able to see Stillman's face. At least let me see her hand. I just need to be reassured that Stillman isn't a bunch of hair growing out of a windbreaker.

MonkeyPig said...

Did you buy your camera from the Dollar General clearance pile. No maybe you bought your finger from the Dollar Store.

Nonny Nu said...

"I think we should put mossed stone all over the city. This way, kids can grafitti it and the moss will grow back -- self erase."

Mechanical engineer, OB/GYN, urban planner. Is there anything you can't do? (Please, no poop jokes.)

Stillman is a LIVE person. I just don't put faces on the blog in order to preserve privacy, that's all. And, as for the camera, I might get a new one and I might not. Stew on that!