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Saturday, July 7, 2007


Folks, I think we need an intervention. Freelance Midget has been toying with the idea of going to law school. What better place to be for a bright, creative, young mind, right? It sure as hell is better than med school (don't even get me started on that one). Plus, recent events involving SS Sociopath have, I think, necessitated a bold move on our part. I'll let Freelance Midget tell you all about that as soon as she has a moment.

*taps foot*

*purses lips*


stillman said...

So confused. I thought sociopath is thinking of going to law school. Now FM too? Has cubicle jockeying taught her nothing? Does the prospect of having people like SS as her classmates and colleagues not cause uncontrollable shudders? Think ahead to when those people are lawyers with unrestricted subpoena power. Nuff said.

Nonny Nu said...

Midge has taken the LSAT and finished with a great score. She has been toying with the idea of going to law school for several moons now (she's a tease just like Man from U.N.C.L.E.). That's why yesterday's revelation was so disturbing. We need a cool person like Midge in our profession to counterbalance the satanic force that is about to enter our ranks.

Screwtape said...

i once met a bright little lass
who merely at ten years old was ready to scold
a certain gwai lo she thought wouldn’t pass

then came her teen years
so in-between mom’s tears
she rang the taco bell fast!

well, look at her now
rents apartment with cow
yet wonders which field she should plow

her turns keeps on turning
but we know she’s still learning
what her grandmother knew all along...

people whom you barely knew
sacrificed themselves for you
so you’d not sell your a$$ for a song.

and by those whom you never knew
stands now your family, admiring you
and as your duty lay in front of you
i think you know what’s best to do.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

I would "sell my A$$ for a song." Hell, I'd even sell my A$$ for a single power chord, forget the entire song! But I think FM has more scruples than I do and is probably less impulsive than me. Your entire poem was very caring advice, screwtape. *Wipes tear*

Screwtape said...

*Wipes tear*

doesn't it just make ya misty!

"Hell, I'd even sell my A$$ for a single power chord"

yeah, but you're an old floozy (bless your heart).

Nonny Nu said...

yeah, but you're an old floozy (bless your heart).
Is he coming onto you?

*sits back*

Screwtape said...

what we have here is failure to communicate. you see, some rabbits you just can't reach...

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Screwtape, "Floozy" isn't exactly the way I like to be seduced.

NONNY NU: URGENT!!! You left some rabbit droppings over at the other message board that you might want to clean up, ASAP!

hanging chad said...

Well I think that the poll results are a bit skewed due to the presentation of the choices...

Any chance Ms. NN was a past member of the registrar of voters is Florida?

Reverend Doctor Terry Valentine said...

no one said this was a scientific poll.


Nonny Nu said...

Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Crisis averted!!

hanging chad (if that is your real name: Maybe we are Communist here at TWoNN afterall... Are you the one who voted that Midge should go to medschool? If so, I may have to put you through a mini-cultural revolution. (For your own benefit, of course.)

hanging chad said...

Are you the one who voted that Midge should go to medschool?

Sista, puhleez! The last thing I'd do vote for someone go to medical school. Pre-meds are bad enough, but actual meds? I'd hate to see how many 4-color clicky-pens they keep in their backpacks.

I cringe when I see one of those pens coming to poke me!

stillman said...

I voted med school. Unlimited prescriptions!

Then again I may just be punishing NN and FM for ignoring their blogging duties. Apparently *someone* has time to leave droppings all over other boards when she's supposedly working, ahem.

ca loc said...

It is just my instinct, I can only imagine her as an esq. Docs not so sure, continue what she is doing NO, how long she have been on that job? with a brain like her, she needs to move on. I think she is too comfy with what it is now. She is in need of PUSH

Freelance Midget said...

*sigh. i need a lightning bolt from god to come down and etch in some tablets what is meant for my destiny.

thanks for the poem, screwtape.

Anonymous said...

Your poll sounds stupid and nonsense:) Make a better one!