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Friday, July 27, 2007

MPBSFA Day 3: Why Does Nonny Nu Have a Farmer's Tan?

See that farmer's tan? It's mine. Yep, ALL MINE. *sigh* As you can see, I'm kinda sorta burned, too. Folks might be wondering why it is that an Asian would get sunburned. Well, it's probably from being in the sun without sunblock for over six hours straight. Yeah, that might have had something to do with it.

Anywho, MonkeyPig was thinking about Fisherman's Wharf, so that's where we went. You all know what the [proposed] itinerary looks like, so let's see how it actually panned out.

11:40am Arrived at San Francisco.
12:20pm Purchased seafood sampler; had lunch; met local.
1:00pm Visited Boudin Bakery; watched bread sorter; got drinks (ahhhhhh...).[1]
1:20pm Walked around Fisherman's Wharf (motorized tours, horsie tours).
1:45pm Decided to take cable car to Golden Gate bridge; walked to cable car station; changed mind and decided to take bus instead; walked to bus stop (line 30). [2]
2:30pm Got on bus; got off bus; failed to find transfer bus stop; continued GGB Bataan-style death march. [3]
2:41pm Admired houses along Marina Street [4]; watched kids capsize [5]; watched kids on field trip to the Arboretum (of course, we're not lost).
3:08pm Oh, look, there's Alcatraz.
3:09pm Arrived at Crissy Park. [6]
3:42pm Arrived at stairs to the GGB, where more posing ensued; realization that we look like MIT (made in Taiwan).
3:49pm Went up the stairs and checked out the plants along the way. [7]
4:06pm Arrived at GGB; enjoyed more walking.
5:12pm Completed the GGB; found that there is no bus going back; headed back on foot.
6:26pm Got back to the beginning of GGB; took bus back to Fisherman's Wharf; bought non-matching fleece jackets (learned our lesson with the monkey shirts); picked up car and headed to Chinatown.
7:14pm Arrived in Chinatown; MP decided to forego restaurant suggestions and instead choose one on the fly; chose a restaurant that looked legit; got seated under a poster of Esther Williams style ducks and a tree; realized it was a bad decision.
7:46pm Food arrives (including sticky rice chicken that was all sticky rice and no chicken, Roast Duck and Soy Sauce Chicken, Chinese Spinach, Fish and Shrimp Porridge, and Stir Fried Pea Vines).
8:36 Finished dinner; walked back to car (passing a Chinese Macy's).

Now, one thing to note about this excursion is MonkeyPig's induction into the Chinese Extreme Photo Efforts Club. Although MonkeyPig isn't a squatter, she does go to extreme lengths to take a photo:
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Pic 6
Pic 7
Pic 8

[1] The way Boudin Bakery lures its customers into its carb-web is by pumping out delicious bread smells via these huge pipes. But that's only one half of their business model. The other half involves putting a pretty boy baker up front so that (female) passers by can "ask him questions." Barf. But, MP wasn't interested in the baker. Anywho, they had alligator and crab shaped breads there. I bet they don't taste good. One of our family friends (Cantonese name: "Lay Bahk Neung") used to make moon cakes in the shape of animals and they were good too look at but not good to eat.

[2] Along the way, MP disciplines a little girl, checks out some monkey merchandise, and gets caught shoplifting. We were nearing the GGB and got to the cable car station across from Ghirardelli, but the lines were ridiculous. So, after listening to the street musician (he wasn't half as good as Mr. Nonny Nu, btw) for a little while, we decide to take the bus.

[3] This little bus ride really opened our eyes to just how gentrified we had become. Once upon a time, MP and I were avid bus riders. We took the bus to school and we also took the bus to piano lessons. But, on this fateful day, not only did an Australian gentleman instruct us on which lines to take, we were having so much fun goofing off (including posing with a Hong Kong TVB-style nudge of the glasses) that he also had to remind us of our stop. Then, when we got to the door, we didn't know how to make it open and he said, "You have to step down onto the lower step." Man, were we embarrassed. Refugees losing the inate ability to take the bus. Shameful!

[4] Here is one house and another house that looked nice. This one was for sale. We called the listing agent, who informed us that the house was listed for $6.5M, with 5000 sq. ft., 5 bedroooms, 7.5 baths. You can get so much more in Tulsa with one tenth of the money.

[5] Along the way, we passed a little marina where a bunch of little kids were learning how to sail. A pair capsized, but the boat started turning back over as if by itself. Finally, the two dragged themselves back into the boat.

[6] Apparently, I was walking too slowly. But, I was watching all the dogs and their owners who came to this park/beach to play. But, we were making progress because the GGB looked bigger.

[7] Plenty of flowers to see here (e.g., pale pink Petalus Petalumus, bright orange Yum Yums, violet Foofiedumblebots.


Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Who's idea were the matching monkey shirts? They were cute, but it made you look like you were part of the elementary school field trip where all the chillens wear the same uniform.

Nonny Nu said...

Okay, I admit it was my idea, but I didn't mean any harm by it. By the time I figured out that we looked like we were MIT (made in Taiwan), it was too late.

ca loc said...

Well, It was a field trip without the teacher. I remember our 1st trip to S.F with Minh's family and Aunt Phoebie and her husband, we started from LA at 8 or 9:00PM, in order to safe on hotel. We almost crash with a 18 wheeler because I felt sleep while driving.

Nonny Nu said...

Oh, I remember that trip. I always wondered why we arrived in SF in the morning.

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