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Friday, June 15, 2007

Forgive me...!!

Please accept my sincerest apologies for this late posting of Saturday's hike. There is good reason, though. Instead of giving you the usual "[insert color here] wild flower" description of the flora and fauna, I did some research and figured out the scientific names of each of the flowers Stillman and I encountered on our hike. I just thought that it would be nice to learn something for once in The World of Nonny Nu. So, here we go...

When I got up in the morning, I was super giddy because I had bought a new camouflage hiking outfit and I couldn't wait to see how well it would work. So, I donned my camou-wear and headed off to Buck's in Woodside* to have breakfast with Stillman, and then off to Purissima Creek Trail. Before setting off on the hike, we made double sure that we didn't have any contraband and took a refresher course on how not to be dumbasses. (Dudes, notice the posting above the one about the mushrooms. We are so in NorCal...)

We set off on the trail where we were met with a fresh-faced banana slug.** Soon, we came upon Purissima Creek proper. Sure, there were a lot of rocks of all shapes and sizes in the creek and, sure, rock crushes scissors in a game of RPS. But,

in the game of Life, fern grows out of rock.

The trail was well-marked and bedecked with trees that were straight as arrows or of the Marianne genus. We continued along the creek and headed into the forest, and encountered a field of magical ferns.

Not to be outdone, members of the Halle genus popped up to say, "Hello!" We also saw some Salad and Orangina (two species that have been known to go well together).

Shhhh...I know you have questions right now, but you really just worry too much. Sure, anyone in your situation would be wondering how to get a refund from the educational system that never introduced you to the scientific names of these beauties. But, hush...relax. Just enjoy your newfound knowledge. Trust me--I'm a doctor.

There was no shortage of (everyone's favorite) Yellow Faced Pink Lions. There were even a few Spotted Spunky Spamajamas. While it's easy to like the elusive Purple Palloja al Shanti Shanti, true camou-wearing sherpas know how to appreciate the rare Spikey Globe Bebop. At this point, our banana slug friend opted for an afternoon nap and Stillman decided to trek on.

Good thing, too, because we next sampled some vistas(!) and some more vistas (!). We then got into a more sunny area where we encountered my camou-competitor. There were also a lot of Jurassic sized plants (taller than Stillman), and the place was just ablaze with activity. Not just bees, butterflies as well. [Stillman: "Oh, look! It's a butterfly gang bang!]

Anywho, it wasn't a surprise that the bees and butterflies were out in droves to see the Purple Panic Punk Rock, and the Aloha Mello Yello. The Pom Pom Peabody were in season and, set next to the White Widow Walanda, the Redrum Redrum! was exquisite. With all these colors, my camou-wear worked like a charm.

* I had the Chorizo Scramble and Stillman had the Buckwheat Pancakes with eggs and bacon (and didn't offer me any of the bacon, just like she didn't offer me any additional blackberries).

** Does anyone know why banana slugs are always so clean, even though they spend all day rolling around in the dirt? Yeah, that isn't one of those questions that the asker knows the answer to.


stillman said...

Okay, wannabe botanist, there were only two pieces of bacon. Speak up!

King Friday XIII said...

you mean to tell me that you're just now learning of the nu's food tariff! oh, my dear, the stories (read: nightmares) i have for you about her merciless food reign. she's worse than zao jun.

Freelance Midget said...

(Dudes, notice the posting above the one about the mushrooms. We are so in NorCal...)

NN: that's not a ganja leaf...

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

I like the butterflies. Cute bunny to open the entry!!!

Nonny Nu said...

NN: that's not a ganja leaf...
Are you sure? It looks like one to me...

Oh, maybe it's a poison oak/ivy leaf? I don't know. I'll just pretend it's Mr. Ganja.

Nonny Nu said...

Cute bunny to open the entry!!!
Isn't it?? That's me being ashamed of myself. This is when I'm not ashamed of anything.

King Friday XIII said...

but have they seen you when you're tranced?

Nonny Nu said...

No, only YOU have seen me tranced.


King Friday XIII said...


Nonny Nu said...


Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

" ==:o> "

Isn't that the unpronouncable symbol for The Artist Formerly Known As... ?