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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Backyard Petting Zoo

Did you know that we have a petting zoo out back? That's right. Correctamundo. Es verdad.

Now, I present to you...La Cucarachas.

Possum (The People Under The Stairs)
Okay, so maybe they're more like under the deck, not the stairs. But, we have a family of possum living under the backyard deck. They will eat ANYTHING. Cat food, human food, you name it and they'll eat it. Here they are busily chomping away.

Blind Kitty (Missing In Action)
This little kitty might have went to the big market in the sky. Mr. Nonny Nu tells me that Blind Kitty's family may have just moved and taken him with them. I hope so. I really like Blind Kitty.

Skitty (Little Lady)
Now, here is one of the most ladylike cats you'll ever see. Her name is "Skitty" (short for skiddish kitty). One thing about Skitty, though--she can't control her tongue. See? It's still there!

Slim (Wolf in Wolf's Clothing)
Now, here's something I can't explain. There are some cats who are "stand off-ish" and there are some cats who assume they are welcome. This one is the latter. Can you tell? Slim visits us everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sushi Cat (Head Honcho)
Sushi likes to lounge and she doesn't like being bothered. Sure, sometimes she's nothing but a fleabag, but doesn't she have a pretty little face? Here she is with a goofy grin. But, she isn't just good for striking a pose. While the Nus snore away the starry night, Sush (pronounced "soosh") is busy patrolling the compound. Generally speaking, though, she likes to stay put on my lap.


Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Are you sure those possums aren't Wolverines?

Nonny Nu said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're not Wolverines. You can tell because they're not blue and yellow.

Anonymous said...

I just have to warn you about the possum. They can be pretty destructive and very smelly at times. The babies are certainly cute. Very fierce but slow at the same time. If you keep this up, you will have lots of strays come to you. I like to watch the squirels ;-)

Wah Toh