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Friday, January 18, 2008


Here's to wishing you a happy birthday and many more to come. Thanks for being such an awesome sister. You are always there when we need you (me, more than the others, I know), and we can always depend on your practical advice and humor.

*turns head*

Okay, enough gushing...Wow! 40 years old. tsk tsk. That is ANCIENT! MonkeyPig's friends surprised her with a cake today. Here's the birthday girl with her cake. Afterward, they boozed it up at the office as they rocked to the provocative gyrations of the stripper. At the end of all that partying, MonkeyPig was completely out of it and woke up in an unfamiliar place.

*The cakes portrayed in this blog entry are entirely fictional. Any similarity to actual cakes are completely coincidental. The events described, however, are absolutely true.


Anonymous said...

Yeah 40 years the bunch of us having to put up with the MonkeyPig (sigh........sigh). I still remember the day when Ca Loc & I were called to the principal's office to receive the news that MP is not allowed to be at school if she does not have a skirt on the next morning. After all these years, it is still very uncommon to see our dear MonkeyPig in skirt or dress of some sort. I'm sure that the principal never would have thought that MP has not changed her preference - after 40 years. He probably was so proud of himself at the time, that he could make such influence on MP. Power to the principal!! he he.
Anyway, we all love you MP no matter what you wear (or not wear). I have to admit that you do look very sharp in the army uniform. Happy BD and many more. Dan Ga

Nonny Nu said...

FYI, Dan Ga = Wah Toh.

Here is one of the rare photos of MonkeyPig in a dress. (That's Wah Toh holding MP's right hand and that's Ca Loc holding MP's left hand on the way to school the day after the principal had a talk with them about MP's school uniform.)

Nosy Newsy said...

o/` doctor, doctor! can't you see i'm burning burning? - oh doctor, doctor, is this love i'm feeling? o/`

Hospital Sued for Dumping Homeless Paraplegic Man in Los Angeles Gutter

According to the lawsuit filed on his behalf, he was first taken to a downtown Skid Row mission but returned to the hospital because the shelter could not care for him.

He then spent eight hours in a wheelchair in the lobby before he was again taken 6 1/2 miles by van and left on a street, the suit contends.

Witnesses said the man, who lost the use of his legs in a car crash, had a catheter attached and was wearing only a soiled hospital gown. He was blocks from any shelter.

"Mr. Olvera had no choice but to physically drag himself along the gutter of the street with his belongings in a bag clenched in his teeth," the lawsuit said.

He was taken to another hospital for treatment.

"It was like they lit a match to the Hippocratic oath," said Mark Rosenbaum, legal director

The incident was one of several reports last year of patients who were dumped on Skid Row.

In a statement, the hospital called the lawsuit unnecessary. The hospital said it has held "extensive settlement discussions" with the ACLU to resolve the issues and "we remain optimistic" that an agreement will be reached.

the homeless problem can't be solved by HPMC alone. The solutions must come from government, but we are committed to doing our part," the hospital said.

The hospital said it adopted new policies, staff training and monitoring aimed at preventing dumping.


despite your regrettable career choice, may you have a very happy birthday! we raise our orange hospital jello to you! (now turn your head and cough.)

~ ~ ~

Anonymous said...


MonkeyPig said...

Wow...Everyone of my sister is (except Handicap) is here. That's such an honor. I am shedding tears....very Gam Dong....Those pictures are hilarious. You flatter me...I do look pretty in that dress. You should see me in a bikini (OK that was weak. I spent 10 minutes and unable to find any decent monkey in bikini pictures. So you'll all have to use your imagination).
I had a really nice birthday. My friend gave me a really nice framed picture of 5 vintage spider comic books. The books were from the 40's. Saw the Golden Compass (A must for all to see. Buy the DVD. Don't download. Its worth the 14.99). Ride up / down the Franklin Mountain. Linked up with all my sisters (its a miracle that we only dropped call once). Almost all of my niece / nephews call me to wish me HBD.
I'm still waiting for my BD gift from Nonny Nu.

Nonny Nu said...

You "spent 10 minutes" searching and didn't find this photo of you in a bikini? I suspect that you're just trying to keep any racy photos of under wraps. But, it's nice to know that you had fun on your "ride up/down the Franklin Mountain."

I'm still trying to figure out how to send your birthday gift to you.

Anonymous said...

How very kam-coy when Wah-Tor said, "nay dough say-sap la!" Never would have thought that we youngins would soon reach the half century mark! Work hard but enjoy life a little - you deserve it - our very own silver pig! Enjoy the successful link-up for the bai-sau; but save the bikini p-leaze!!!!!


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