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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kitty Korner (1/19: Pet Edition)

Today, we have two new pets to introduce. One is my sister's, [insert name here]'s, new pet. Here he is being held by my niece. His name is Scottie:What a cutie pie! He is also known as "Ah Dan" ("egg" in Chinese because he smells eggy). Unfortunately, there's a "gai gai squeezer" at his house (don't ask--I'm too embarrassed to even explain this).

Next up, we have a new installment at the Nu residence. Since I was on vacation for two weeks last Christmas, I brought Stubbie home for the holidays. At first, Mr. Nonny Nu disapproved because he thought I was imprisoning Stubbie against his will. Mr. Nonny Nu even started referring to Stubbie as "Captured." But as the days wore on, Mr. Nonny Nu's heart was stolen as he realized how happy Stubbie was whenever people walked by his bowl and said hello to him. On the day that Stubbie was set to go back to Nu Nu & Nu, LLP (here's Stubbie on his first day back at the office), Mr. Nonny Nu got a fishy of his own. Introducing Charles Waterhammer:
And, here is a video of Chuck enjoying his new home:

Oh, and here is a video of the Backyard Petting Zoo, Possum Division:

Finally, we have our two little love bird kitties, Kash and Skillet. These two are always together. They even do things in unison:

Isn't that crazy?? But, as invididuals, they each have their unique qualities. For example, Skillet will always show her analytical side, which is even more powerful when she turns on her laser beam eyes (she takes after Ca Loc). Here she is on top of Mr. Nonny Nu's amp and checking out a squirrel in the front yard. Kash, on the other hand, is a quiet fellow, who reminds me of the very proper Mr. Darcy.


MonkeyPig said...

Is there a hidden picture with Stubbie. It looks like he's eating a human finger.

Nonny Nu said...

Ha! That's the reflection of my hand taking his photo! I'm actually in a lot of these photos that I take, but they are usually reflections of body parts. If you put them all together, you might get half a Nonny.