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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Suns-1, Lakers-0 / Mavericks-0, Warriors-1

The NBA Playoffs have begun. As some of you may know, I am a Lakers fan by birth, but a Suns fan by choice. Today, the second seeded Suns played their first playoff game against the seventh seeded Lakers (Western Conference). Okay, I am not happy with the Suns AT ALL. They played a sucky game because of who knows what (Mr. Nonny Nu thinks it was nerves, but I think it's because they didn't visit the wisdom buffet prior to tip-off) and barely scraped by. They should have came out strong at home and trounced the Lakers. Instead, they eeked by until the very end. And, THAT happened only because Kobe got tired and couldn't play the whole game himself anymore. MVP of Game 1 goes to Leandro Barbossa. My favorite move was when he tripped and fell while trying to penetrate, but instead of just hogging the ball, he passed it to Stoudamire (while he was laying on the ground) for a lay up. The other Suns were just a mess, though, and I'm just going to pretend we got the W magically and forget I ever watched such a game. Honestly, I'm glad we played a sucky game and won, instead of playing a great game but losing.

On a much brighter note, I am so proud of the Warriors! This eighth seeded team beat out first seeded Mavericks. It was kinda funny watching this game because you could totally tell that the Mavs were scared from the tip-off. Somehow, #8 Warriors have #1 Mavericks' number. They played three games during the season and the trouncing just got progressively worse. Now, the Warriors are not only in the playoffs for the first time in 13 years, they have won their first playoff game against the Mavericks. Watching Mark Cuban's reactions courtside was an added perk. Just take a look at this guy. Yep, that's the two-time (maybe three-time, by the end of this season) MVP Steve Nash (left in photo) of the Phoenix Suns who Cuban had on the Mavericks but DIDN'T resign. Who's laughing now, punk?


.50 Cal said...

that's kind of a cool pic. cuban looks as though he's regally awaiting his daily breastplate, or getting his inseam measured. and i had no idea q.t. based travolta's pulp fiction character on nash. how cool.

Nonny Nu said...

Cuban is a jerk. I hope he gets hit in the mouth with an errant basketball, Danny Ainge-style. As for Nash, I hope he keeps his hair short. He looks kooky enough with those crazy eyes (which, I suspect, allows him to pass like nobody's business).