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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Everglades
by MonkeyPig (guest blogger)

It appears that once you get a park pass (10$), you can use it for the entire week. So, I've decided to go back to the Glades.

The day started much earlier. I found a pretty nice Italian Bakery. Got a muffin and a personal size pizza. While there, I loaded up on the free samples of whatever pastry morsel on the counter. The lady was giving me the evil. But, that didn't bother me. I pretended to be polite. But, when she turned around, I popped in two more.

This time, I found a place where I can rent a bike for the entire day for 15$. This place is call the Everglad International Hostel. The people there are very nice, but extremely granola. I thought I had to come back after several days of not shaving. But, they took my money, anyway. I guess they thought I was a vegetarian with all the soysauce and rice smell in my clothes.

The bike was OK, except -- the tread on the tires were completely worn and the gears don't shift. Otherwise, it came free with, a basket for me to put my 4.84$+tax bag, food, repair kit, and a huge bicycle pump.

No, Little Nonny Nu, I was only semi-extravagant. The bottles were from yesterday. The water was a generous donation from the Hotel.

I rode about 7 miles to get to the trial head. There was a nice picnic area. I parked Pee-Wee's bike next to the picnic bench. Took the lunch out of the 4.84$+tax orange bag.

I was really excited by the pepperoni personal-size pizza. It was the cheapest of the various ready made pizza with toppings. To my disappointment, it was actually tomato. I guess the dollar sign over my eyes made the tomato looks like pepperoni. But, the pie tasted good.

The Long Pine Trail is great. It was completely different than that Shark Valley - dry. Long pines all over and palmettos on he ground.

I only saw a few gators. These were when I rode by the various ponds "lakes". These area were completely different than that of the Long Pine trail. Very wet and with lots of green vegetation. I only saw about 3 gators that day.

But, I saw a whole bunch of horny insects. The butterfly was in the middle of it. The dragfly just finished.

The lizard was not horny. At least, it wasn't when I saw it. It was by his little self.

The entire trip was about 25-26 miles of bike ride. I was starving at the end of the trip. I had to keep the tradition of Rachel Gee. So, I went to Christine Wan (some sort of fake Chinese Restaurant) and bought two dishes, asked for extra soysauce (this is where I got the soysauce), and extra rice. Not only did I stay under 30 $. I had the rest of the dishes for breakfast.


Ca Loc said...

You should ask for extra extra order of rice so that the next few days you can do fry rice.

Ca Loc said...

Let me tell you, when you buy muffin get the whole brane honey it takes realy good and it is much much heavier than other muffin, and it realy make you full, and last long.

Nonny Nu said...

Wow, it looks like you're having fun. I should have gone with you. That would have been me sitting at the picnic table with you posing for the camera on the tripod, just like in El Paso.


Of course, I'd eat all the tomatoes and leave you with the pizza crust. You know, our usual system. Stop complaining! Mom always said that I'm your little sister so you should give me all your belongings. If you have a problem with the system, you should take it up with her. I'm sure she would be glad to talk to you for HOURS. XD

That bag is awesome! You got it for $4.84+tax??? That was a good deal. I would have paid $4.95+tax for it. Good find.

Your pictures look really nice. I especially like the two with the white spiney flowers. Those are beautiful. That lime green lizard was really cool, too, but what happened to it's bottom half?

Nonny Nu said...

Oh..."Long Pine Keys." I just went back to look at the photo of you at the trailhead. You know, I call you every morning to see where you will be, what you are wearing, and when you expect to be back at the timeshare. It never fails that you misstate these location names. The other day, you told me "Shark Alley" instead of "Shark Valley." Then, you told me "Long Pine Lake" instead of "Long Pine Keys." If someone kidnaps you, I can't very well give the police your last known location, can I?

And, remember to call when you get back to the timeshare. You did it today, but the other two days I called you when I didn't hear from you for two hours after you said you'd be home. So irresponsible! You remind me of that college student who wasn't there when her sister went to pick her up at her dorm, and they had to call the police!

Nonny Nu said...

This reminds me...aren't you buying too much food? You told me that you packed a whole bunch of instant noodles. Seems to me, Rachel Gee is spending $30-two-days TOO MUCH on food.

Hey, remember that time we went to visit the sister in Seattle and we all drove up to Vancouver and everyone stayed in one hotel room? Remember the great instant noodle meal we had? That was awesome.

Mr. Nonny Nu said that you and I should do a two-person trip soon. I think that is a really good idea. Last time I saw you, Dad and New Mom was there, so it wasn't really quality time.

Nonny Nu said...

Oh, but if we go on a trip, we can't do bikes. You know me and bikes...

MonkeyPig said...

Man you are really long winded. It that how lawyers talk people into giving in.
As for the name, I'm just using Dad's philosophy - Dai Gee Suing (approximate for the non-Thai). If I'm gonna get kidnapped, the location doesn't matter. Its not like the kidnapper's going to keep in at the same location so you can come to find me. Besides, I look so cheap that people won't even want to touch me.
I've used the instant noodle as mid-night snack. No its not going to waste. Also, I'm not like the rest. I don't do gourmet instant noodles.
See ya. I'm off to looking for horny insects.