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Monday, April 23, 2007

Maggi Sauce: Is it safe?

In case you didn't know, Mr. Nonny Nu does not like veggies. He hasn't liked them since he was a cub. He wants absolutely nothing to do with veggies and will cross the street whenever he spots a vegetable stand. BUT, he will eat my asparagus. Take a peek at what we had for dinner. That's right. Marinated steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, asparagus, and biscuits. Here, come closer. Smells good, huh? Yeah, that's how my house will smell when I get home tomorrow, too, except that there will be meatloaf aroma mixed in. Yes, tomorrow is going to be meatloaf night and, yes, this is what I'll look like.

Okay, so not everything was from scratch, but about 50% was. I marinated the steaks overnight with LOTS of minced garlic, sugar, and Maggi Sauce. Maggi Sauce?? What the heck is Maggi Sauce?? That's what I bet my American readership is thinking right now. Maggi Sauce is sauce from my childhood. My mom (thus, my entire family) used Maggi. Growing up, we knew it as "Mah-zee." I like to put it on sunny side up eggs with pepper, and then sop up the egg yolks with toasted WHITE bread. Maggi is used all over the world:

Chinese Maggi
Spanish Maggi
Polish Maggi*
Dutch Maggi
Ghanan Maggi
French Maggi

My mom brought me some French Maggi from when she visited France and that was the stuff I used on the steaks. Don't worry, folks, I did some research and found out that Maggi is an old and respected Swiss company that merged with Nestle, a bona fide American company, in 1947, so it's safe to use and not some Asian "It's made of cat toe nails" delicacy. (By "folks," I meant Mr. Nonny Nu.)

So, while the steaks are frying, cut asparagus into 2 inch pieces and blanch them (about 5 minutes). Then, pour out the water (don't drain it until it's bone dry, you want the asparagus to stay wet). When the steaks are done, take them out of the frying pan and put the blanched asparagus in. The moisture from the asparagus will deglaze the pan. Just mix the asparagus in the pan until the garlic/Maggi/sugar material coats the asparagus. That's it! It's really that easy, folks.

*If you look to the left of the Polish Maggi Sauce you'll see some blue and white bowls. I have those same rice bowls at home, and I only have TWO of them, just like the photo! Maybe these are Asians in Poland using Poland Maggi Sauce...


Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Are you Rachael Ray posing as a patent litigator?

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

BTW, I'm with Mr. Nonny Nu. All vegetables are to be considered dangerous.

MonkeyPig said...

Shame to those of you that don't like Maggi. Its like Ketchup in American food. I survived Afghanistan and didn't get worm -- All thanks to Maggi sauce. Its makes everything bad tastes good. That's why Nonnynu likes Maggi so much. I live on Maggi. I have it in my office -- for those potluck days

ogunsgirl said...

I'm going to have to try this Maggi sauce. That steak looks delicious! YUMMY!

EDS-1275 said...

rachael asks, "Maggie [sic] Sauce?? What the heck is Maggi Sauce??"

that's maggi's own personal business, don't you think? (speaking of which, i think you and i need to have a little sit down.)

"All vegetables are to be considered dangerous."

that's right, armed and dangerous. those little alkaloids have a mean kick to them--not to be trusted (unless of course they taste just like marinated prime filet, or are bought at a pink floyd concert).

mini me said...

put maggi on your salad (instead of salt) with 1/2 olive oil and 1/2 sesame oil and fresh squeezed lemon and cracked pepper. dr. t-dizzle might eat some veggies then.

Nonny Nu said...

Refugees and descendants of refugees UNITE!

*Kisses* to MonkeyPig and mini me!

Yes, Maggi Sauce is indeed like ketchup. It improves the taste of everything (just like the label says). When MonkeyPig was in Afghanistan, she had to ration the Maggi Sauce to her fellow soldiers in the canteen. That's how good it is! ogunsgirl, you should totally try it! I buy it at Safeway in the Mexican food section. If you are having trouble finding it, tell me so and I'll hook you up.

As for the two individuals who have a problem with veggies, GAH!

MonkeyPig said...

Veggie rule...That is only after Maggi. When I was in "Stan" (that's what we call Afghanistan. You know, like, Nam for Viet Name), there were many moons when we didn't have fresh veggie. You know when people were doing their thing -- its like the Gong show. Try some veggie with Maggi. It makes Veggie tastes like Hamburger.

Nonny Nu said...

"Try some veggie with Maggi. It makes Veggie tastes like Hamburger."

Hahahahahhahaaa!!! Okay, that totally sounds gross but it's all VERY TRUE! People, don't freak out, though. It sounds weird on paper but tastes good in person. Try it!

Ca Loc said...

People: Maggie is not cheap, it cost $7.00 to $8.00 a bottle, but it will last you a long time.

Mr. Nonny Nu. remember your steak was marinated with Maggie too. you are a living proof of MAGGIE TAKES GOOD AND IT IS GOOD FOR YOU......

As for alkaloids it only happen once in 30 years (since the time I came this is the 1st time it happen ) you won't be that lucky to get kill by alkaloids....

Nonny Nu said...

I think Mr. Nonny Nu has been convinced by all of our Maggi testimonials. For dinner tonight, he cooked pot roast in the crock pot. He added a lot of fresh garlic, and MAGGI SAUCE all on his own. It was delicious. He had it with carrots, green beans, stuffing, and biscuits. I used the juices to make a broth, added celery and elbow macaroni (like old times). It was really good.

Anonymous said...

For Nonnynu's family, Mah Zee's history gone way back to Cau Ong Lanh or Cau Muoi or Quan Nhi or Mun Ca or Chang chay (ask me if you don't know what it means). It was such a precious commodity that even New year came more often than it. As far as the quantity one was allowed to have when mah zee is being served??? A normal person would have shed more drops of blood during this long period of time than we can have mah zee. It was that priceless and I'm not exactgerating. Btw, nonnynu, your steak & asparagus look good. I didn't realized you have become such decent cook since you marry Mr. nonnynu. Should I give him the merit? Wah Toh

Nonny Nu said...

Should I give him the merit?
No, he deserves no merit.