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Friday, April 20, 2007

Dudes, check out my new Sketchers!

What do you think? I usually wear size 7 sneakers, but these are size 6 1/2, so I have to wear thin socks with them. But, they turned out to be pretty comfy. The laces are kind of slippery so they kept coming undone. I had to double knot them, and they were fine after that.

The Sketchers were a perfect match for Coach Nelson's Lola! Lola is at times quiet, and at times peppy. She could barely wait to go for her afternoon walk. The whole office was oohing and aahing over her. Lola definitely knew how to work it.

Going on the afternoon walk with Lola and seeing the trees and grass reminded me of the repotting I had to do for my other cactus. In keeping with my non-pack rat mentality and also in consideration of how successful the first cactus turned out, I gave this cactus a major haircut. And, when I say "major haircut," I mean "major haircut." This is all there is left now. I'll keep you guys posted.

Now, there is something I must share with you all. It has to do with Mr. Nonny Nu. For those of you who aren't familiar with this individual, trust me, this is a very mischievous nonconformist. Remember the Ronco chicken from Wednesday night? Last we heard, it was shredded and stored in a bowl in the fridge, but what became of that chicken? Let's investigate. When I got home today, I opened the fridge and was welcomed by this sight.

I know what you're thinking. Nobody would just take the chicken and leave the empty bowl in the fridge! Yes, 'tis a mystery. Incredible, but true, folks. But don't take my word for it--see for yourself. Take a look at Mr. Nonny Nu's refusal to conform to the "one fake name per person" SOP on the blog. First, he's terrence olivier. Then, he's delta dawn. Today, he went by his pimp name, Reverend Doctor Terry Valentine. Since the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will not let that get in the way of Mohammed's blogging. Instead, Mohammed will implement a "tracking system." Pan left to the new list in the margin of the blog entitled "Mr. Nonny Nu's Fake Names." This will be the running list of all the fake names Mr. Nonny Nu uses in commenting on the blog.

I leave you with this thought: Cats, they're just like us.
1. Cat listening to Stevie Wonder.
2. Cat listening to house music.
3. Cat listening to metal.
4. Cat listening to hip hop.
5. Cat listening to gangsta rap.
6. Cat on ecstasy and listening to techno. (Keep watching after the cat goes offscreen.)
(Special thanks to ogunsgirl for the above submission.)


Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

I was watching CNN and saw it had been reported that in the Silicon Valley area there were a quirky rash of breaking and entering offenses that occurred between sometime late Wednesday night and Friday afternoon. The information which police released to the media revealed a bizarre crime ring where the offender(s) broke into unsuspecting domiciles, leaving a signature empty bowl in the homeowner's refrigerator. At the time of the report, "The Refrigerator Raider(s)," as anchor Wolf Blitzer christened him/her/them, had not been apprehended.

In a related matter, my SKETCHERS were assaulted by an unidentified Aves species who seemed to have an overactive need to mark her territory. Failing to heed warnings of probable e coli infested park areas, I courageously strode where no man had strode before. And my SKETCHERS will never be the same again.

Nonny Nu said...

Interestingly, "The Refrigerator Raider" has remained mum on this issue. I am happy to report that there has not been a denial from the suspect.

Re: your SKETCHERS, sorry, dude. Hold your SKETCHERS, listen to them, console them. They need you now.

Nonny Nu said...

[see yesterday's bolg entry, what the hell is she talking about!]

MonkeyPig said...

Is there regulations for the cat actors. I think some of the posts are not ergonomic. I have a problem with the rap cat. She's unnaturally fat.