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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ca Loc!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. May your eyes emit laser beams forever! Here is a birthday banana for you (inside joke--Ca Loc once ate an entire bunch of bananas from the family altar back in Vietnam).


Anonymous said...

Hi Dai Ca Che,

We are blessed with a sis like you indeed. I wish you year with good health and peace from Above. I have to say that none of our experience can compare to the Banana one. Actually come to think of it, you do have a lot of very eventful events when growing up. And somehow they are all BIG ones. Ha ha. I supposed it has to do with your Dai Ca Che status. We all love you dearly. Have a happy birthday!
Wah Toh

The Jean Cutter said...

Dear CA CHE:

Thanks for being our leader (us 5 little chics). We are proud of you and all your accomplishments. You have a smart head on your shoulders with much common sense. Thanks for telling us things as it is. Wish you health, happiness, peace and prosperity. Happy MMM Sap Birth.
LOve, "the Jean Cutter"

Nonny Nu said...

Oh, we are so blessed! The last of my five sisters has finally posted a comment! There were a few bumps along the way, but she finally got through.

MonkeyPig said...

Not only do we have to give a B-day gift. We have to get on line and do this TWoNN thing.
Happy big 50. I can see the wrinkles hanging on your face more. Your boops are almost down to the waist. The one good thing about turning 50' is you can take short trips free. Just spread your arms and let those flaps catch the up draft - in no time, you'll be in New York City.
Happy big 50 sis. You've been a mother to all of us.
Now, wipe you mouth -- you are drooling...ya, the lips gets really wrinkly too.

Anonymous said...

Have you received your AARP membership registration? No worries, you will have company (2 to be exact)soon to join you in that RANK. It is unbelievable we have "traveled" this far. Remember when we were just "youngins" - daib bah ching-chun (youthfulness) tung gai pai....... Here we are, talking about menopause, arthritis, constipation, headache; plastic surgeries, and heartache from kids. Yah... yah... even those of you without kids - we know you all rejoiced and ached with us when one of our kids had an achievement or problem; our kids are very much yours too. That is exactly how blessed we are with the strong support we give to one another. After 50 years, the great nemeses (Ca Loc and the Jean-cutter)are finally great friends again - Who would ever guess. That is another blessing to count. I already apologized to you about "chasing you to the bus stop" but I would do it again. Ca Loc, thanks for being forgiving, supportive, just BEING YOU, sacrificing (just like how you now take upon your shoulder to care for mom and her affairs), and always very thoughtful. I appreciate you being honest and uncompromising when we are being stone-brain and idiotic. Anyway,I guess, at the end, I won - yet again - the longest blog.... how is that possible?! Oh yah, how is that possible that we are wishing you a happy BIG 50?! Love, 3fish

Nonny Nu said...

3fish, you also win for latest and for the only comment to use Ca Loc's real first name. Even The Jean Cutter, on her maiden voyage, didn't do this. *sigh* MonkeyPig and I are thinking of a scheme re: Mother, but we are going to keep this from you. We really need to write up a list for you so you don't forget what is not to be spilled.

Sushi Cat said...

Auntie Ca Loc,

Happy Birthday! When will you come visit Momma's house? I will probably not be around much, since I am busy with the Feline Revolution, but I will try to take you on a mission.


Anonymous said...

guys, you all really made me feel OLDDER. Not yet I have not received any membership application from AARP yet. If I do, believe me I will forward it to my next two in the family so that they can fill it out in advance. hang around with you all make me fell young again.

Yau Wei Funs: always made me laught with her humors and every single of them hit home and hit right where it belong, but when I needed advice (even I don't take on them all the times) I will know where to turn to.

Stone head: I don't know what I have to say about you, you only give us trouble and heart attack when can you learn? eventhought, every time when we cooking poridge, without you the poridge will be OC PEI KAO XUI. It just not taste the same.

Monkey Pig: The wrindles came from the two shiseido you gave me. As to the sacking of my boops, no worry, the cost of the boops job was included in your mortgage loan amount; because per the USAA as long as I have a professional opinion on an MD proofing they are DROPPING it will cover by said MD'S mortgage.... Thank you.

I have to check out it is almost time to work will respond on #4 and #6........