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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Operation Red Paint
by Sushi Cat (guest blogger)

Hello, everyone!

This week welcomed another victory for the Feline Revolution. Auntie MonkeyPig was visiting so I took her and Momma to the big bridge in the city that has been painted red in honor of the Feline Revolution. The humans (poor idiots) call this the "Golden Gate Bridge," but of course their eyesight isn't as sharp as the eyesight that felines are blessed with (we kitties are able to distinguish red from gold, for example). As a feline operative, I arrived with the crowning glory for the bridge...Chairman Meow's stamp of approval:

Long live Chairman Meow!

Your comrade,
Sushi Cat


C. Meow said...

the revolution is humbled by your majestic photo, and extends its blessings upon you, sushi cat!

Sushi Cat said...

Many thanks for your blessings and recognition, Great Leader!

Tim said...

Good Job! :)

Nonny Nu said...

Dude...your profile is so NSFW...