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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to Cl. Panic and Kashy Boy!!

Please join in me in wishing Cl. Panic and Kashy Boy a very happy birthday!

July 13 is the happy day, but I am actually posting this on Monday so as not to spoil the surprise of a Beard Papa breakfast feast for Cl. Panic. Unfortunately, the slacker is "out of the office" today (read: too hung over from the previous 48 hours of partying to work). Willy Wonka has also baked cupcakes that will be partook by all sans Cl. Panic. Anyhow, happy second 29th birthday, and here is a photo of some Beard Papa cream puffs that will be joining the banana in my stomach:

On the home front, Kashy Boy enjoyed a quiet first birthday. Can you believe it?? Our little boy is one year old. I can't believe how time has flown. The morning was spent cozying up with Skillet and watching the comings and goings in the backyard. The afternoon was spent stretched out on the foyer rug. But, nighttime was spent frolicking in the new tube toy.

Happy birthday little boy!!


cl. panic said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and for making sure that my Beard Papa did not go to waste.

sluggy said...

any beard papa left??

Nonny Nu said...

sluggy, get this. Cl. Slacker wasn't at the office on Monday when I brought in the box of BPs. So, i passed them out to people. Then, I went back and got a couple on Tuesday morning. Seeing that his office was still dark by around 10:30am, I ate the two. Cl. Slacker strolled in 30 min. later. I got another one on Wednesday and was able to successful give one to him. Three trips to BP's in three days.

sluggy said...

huh, I have a similar story of birthday wishes gone stale!! I got a little birthday gift for someone and, weekend after weekend, tried to get together but she was always anti the hike! Something about working a lot. So the thing sits and mocks me. If only it were edible and I could be done with it. :)

Nonny Nu said...

Unfortunately, this weekend will again be spent at the office. Your mocking must continue.

sluggy said...

Lesson learned: always buy edible birthday gifts.

Nonny Nu said...

I'm very surprised that the birthday gift wasn't edible, considering it was for me. :o|