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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day 2 -- I'm not paying for that
by MonkeyPig (guest blogger)

I went to the Everglades. By the times I got to Shark Valley, it was 2:30.

The bike rental place told me that it costs 6.50 / hr and if I return it after 4 pm, there will be a late charge. I was totally blanking out when he was yakking away about the late fees or the other option of tram 16$/adult....I politely declined and told him I'll run the trail instead. I'm not going to pay late fee and 6.50$/hr or pay 16$ when I have two legs. I figure, there's still 3 1/2 hr before the parking lot close, so I can do the 15 mile trail.

Off I went with my 4.84$+tax bag. There were water / a granola bar / some grapes / tomatoes / casava chips / camera and camera stand. Yes, it was a shoulder bag and some what difficult to manage when one is running. But, I'm not paying 20-30$ for a back pack.

It turned out to be a good decision. I got a good run and saw the most gators of all the visitor there that day. I got to see the flora and fawna (wow, English...sometimes the refugee briefly takes a back sit) up close. There were gators along sides - some 7-8 feet big, some teenage ones, and some baby gators. Many of the gators in the water on both sides of the trail. There two along the side of the trail. Man, do they move quick. I was glad that they were moving in the opposite direction and not not toward me.

Remember the Banana Slug, it took 3 hours to move 3 feet. The big slug that I saw at the Everglades moved fast. OK, I wasn't able to upload the movie. There was a 8-10 feet snake that moved from one side of the trail to the next.
There were lots of snapping turtle. Some of them were the size of a medium piza. I didn't know they can get that big. I saw a whole bunch of herons and some other birds. Made it out the park by 18:30...greeted by some gator poop. Actual size is about small burritto or big egg roll.


Nonny Nu said...

I think you are slipping, MonkeyPig. Why didn't you just ask for a large take out bag from the crab place? You really didn't need to pay $4.84+tax for a bag. And, it looks like there was plenty of water in the park already so I think the bottle of water in your $4.84+tax bag was a bit extravagant.

I can't believe they let people walk through that area with all the gators roaming free like that. Did they make you sign a release before you entered the park?

Remember Tofu, our pet turtle that I set free in the local park? (Yes, the one that bit me on the nose. *rolls eyes*) Tofu was about the size of a small pizza. So, I bet in the wild they get to the size of a medium, even a large pizza.

And, how do you know that was gator poop? Stillman told me that carnivores have fur and feathers in their poop and I don't see any in the poop you claim came from a gator.

白鬼(它的另一白肉) said...

猴豬令我感到好笑. 你這麼便宜! 我希望你有一個有趣的假期. 看來你雖然. 小心出在那裡(鱷魚始終在尋找運行黃枝).

Nonny Nu said...

^^Oh, we have hit a new low, Mr. Nonny Nu. We have really hit a new low.

Nonny Nu said...

Hey, MonkeyPig, can we see a picture of your $4.84+tax bag?

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

With that Heron Photo, it has become obvious that you work for the Audobon Society, don't you MonkeyPig? What type of camera and lens(es) do you use? Don't tell me it's a cell phone device -or I'll go nuts.

MonkeyPig said...

1. Wow, Mr. Nonny Nu, that was impressive. Can you do that in Spanish.
2. No they didn't have me sign a waiver. They told me that gators don't like eating bones. Beside, the gators are actually pretty lazy. They just lay there all day.
3. That was a vegetarian gator. Therefore, no feather in the poop. How do I know who's poop that belongs!! Come to think of it, it maybe a snapping turtle poop. I know it wasn't mine. Gators and snapping turtles are the only big reptiles in that park.
4. That was a cheap camera. Minota DiMage Z10. I got it more than 4 years ago. I've playing with the other non-auto functions.
5. Nonny Nu, you are so wrong to talk to your sister like that. Whee are frogm VetNagn. Do you want me to tell Mom on you!!

Ca loc said...

Monkeypig you are lucky, remember they told you the gator does not eat bones? which mean when you got bitten by the gator, as long as not get to the bone, you can not claim.

Ca loc said...

Who is white ghost?

Monkeypig, are you glad that I did not joint you? because I will not put up with your style of VACATION.

Ca loc said...

You make me think of an old Chinese movie gator tam?? PLAY by CHIU NGA CHI??

Nonny Nu said...

Who is white ghost?
Look to the left in the list of "Mr. Nonny Nu's Fake Names."

Monkeypig, are you glad that I did not joint you? because I will not put up with your style of VACATION.
Okay, I wasn't sure at first which sister "Ca Loc" is, but that last quote I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE would only be said by Sister #1, otherwise known as "Laser Eyes." She's the only who will not put up with anything and will back that up with action.

Hahahahahhahahahaaa!!!! MonkeyPig, remember the Christmas Tree Lane Incident involving Ca Loc? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Nonny Nu said...

Okay, I just added Ca Loc to Nonny Nu's Hall of Fame. Normally, I add entry in the order in which the people appear on the blog (that's why MonkeyPig was first). But, Ca Loc will not stand for being #12 in the NNHoF, so she is going at the top.

MonkeyPig said...

Wow, two sisters. I'm proud of Cac Loc. She's coming to the information age. As for the other 3, you guys are out of my will until your names appear on these blogs.
Cac Loc, when we go on vacation, I'll just leave you at the hotel to make instant noodle meals. The other option would be to get one of those bike trailers and drag you along.

Nonny Nu said...

You make me think of an old Chinese movie gator tam?? PLAY by CHIU NGA CHI??
I remember that. Remember how we used to rent those TV series from HKTVB and watch for hours and hours? That was so fun.