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Saturday, September 27, 2008

So long, Paul.

Sad news, everyone. Paul Newman passed away yesterday. This makes me a very, very sad rabbit. Here is a nice article about his life and career. Here is my favorite photo of him:

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Holy Moly!!

When you get in bed and turn out the lights, do your eyes glow red like the numbers on your alarm clock? Do yellow puffs of sulfur seep out of your pores every few seconds like a Glade plug-in? For the women, during the day, do you find that you have to adjust your headband because your horns make headband placement difficult? If you answered yes to any of these questions, boy, do I have the answer for you!

Take a look at what I saw this Sunday when I was getting breakfast! Yes, it is an exorcism van, my friends, cruising the San Francisco Bay Area. I was ready to see The Church Lady unloading her synthesizer from out of the sliding side door. I have kept the photos at 100% their size so that you can see all the messages written in the style of those pastel candy Valentine hearts:

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Was ist das?

Over the weekend, I have been doing the Rosetta Stone German lessons. So fun!! But, was ist das?
Why, it's a before and after photo of the teriyaki dove that Cl. Panic gave to me to sample last week. Yum! You know that it's a rare treat when someone gives you something to eat and says, "Watch out for the bb's." When asked how the dove was de-feathered, Cl. Panic drew a diagram of a dove on my whiteboard:
(emphasis added in red). He explained that doves are not so much de-feathered as they are just skinned. There's a "soft spot" on the dove right below the breast. All you have to do is grab it and pull its skin right over its shoulders (like when humans take off a t-shirt--except someone is doing this for you and it's a skin t-shirt). Once the "t-shirt" is removed, everything else seems to go along with it except the wings and the breast. So, what you do is chop one wing off so that you can identify it as a dove when you transport it. These birds are so accommodating! Their bodies are so easily converted into a carry-out version!

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Second Careers?

This weekend, I happened upon some surreptitious second careering. What I mean is, I think that some people might be engaged in careers outside of their known ones. For example, as I was shopping for groceries, I came across this:
It appears that our dear old Midge is not only a financial analyst, but also has a second career making and selling "crunchy corn sticks." Not to be outdone, Green Thumbs McGillicutty seems to be capitalizing on her horticulture skills by opening the below establishment:
Should Midge's employer be made aware of this competing area of interest that is taking up so much of Midge's time? ("New studmuffin," my ass...) And, is this the real reason that GTM will be "taking some time off, starting next week??"

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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Not sure how to greet everyone on this day. "Happy 9/11" isn't quite appropriate. Anyhow, I am wearing a red, white, and blue outfit today, as is customary for me on 9/11. But, here is an interesting and special thing I found for this occasion. As some of you may have already discovered, there is a project called "Post Secret" in which anonymous people send in postcards with their secrets written upon them. Here is the weekly updated site and here are the archives. I was surfing the archives when I found this:

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Richard Simmons

I really love this guy. Richard Simmons is so genuine and so caring. He has a show on Sirius on Sundays and I love to drive around town on errands and listen to him call up people and cheer them up. I just ordered "SuperSweatin': Party Off the Pounds" and "SuperTonin': Totally Tonin'" (with the rings, of course). The only thing that is bumming me out is that it will take 2-4 weeks for delivery! I will be sticking with Yoga for Beginners until then.

Here is Richard testifying in front of Congress (can you believe he is 60 years old?). I know that this may come across as a bit over the top to some, but I think it is coming from the heart. And, I think his idea is great.

Here is the link for Richard's Fit Kids Bill. And, here is Richard talking about the bill on David Letterman:

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Favorite >o:3 !!

Oh, Mr. Nonny Nu!! You are such a good little bear. You maul and you growl and you flay without disregard, and all because you love the little rabbit. Yes, it's true. You make me laugh 23/6, and who can ask for more? You are the biggest cartoon I ever met. Here's to another 39 years! I hope you like the cake. You mentioned that that was a beautiful cake some time ago.

Happy Birthday, little bear!

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