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Monday, September 8, 2008

Richard Simmons

I really love this guy. Richard Simmons is so genuine and so caring. He has a show on Sirius on Sundays and I love to drive around town on errands and listen to him call up people and cheer them up. I just ordered "SuperSweatin': Party Off the Pounds" and "SuperTonin': Totally Tonin'" (with the rings, of course). The only thing that is bumming me out is that it will take 2-4 weeks for delivery! I will be sticking with Yoga for Beginners until then.

Here is Richard testifying in front of Congress (can you believe he is 60 years old?). I know that this may come across as a bit over the top to some, but I think it is coming from the heart. And, I think his idea is great.

Here is the link for Richard's Fit Kids Bill. And, here is Richard talking about the bill on David Letterman:


ogunsgirl1 said...

You are such a sweetie. Lots of people make fun of Richard but I've always thought he was a really geunine, kind hearted person as well.

Anonymous said...

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