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Monday, September 15, 2008

Was ist das?

Over the weekend, I have been doing the Rosetta Stone German lessons. So fun!! But, was ist das?
Why, it's a before and after photo of the teriyaki dove that Cl. Panic gave to me to sample last week. Yum! You know that it's a rare treat when someone gives you something to eat and says, "Watch out for the bb's." When asked how the dove was de-feathered, Cl. Panic drew a diagram of a dove on my whiteboard:
(emphasis added in red). He explained that doves are not so much de-feathered as they are just skinned. There's a "soft spot" on the dove right below the breast. All you have to do is grab it and pull its skin right over its shoulders (like when humans take off a t-shirt--except someone is doing this for you and it's a skin t-shirt). Once the "t-shirt" is removed, everything else seems to go along with it except the wings and the breast. So, what you do is chop one wing off so that you can identify it as a dove when you transport it. These birds are so accommodating! Their bodies are so easily converted into a carry-out version!


Cl. Panic said...

Their bodies are so easily converted into a carry-out version!

Never thought of it that way before.


Mr. Nonny Nu said...

the partridge family is now to me forever changed.

non has a dream
she goes hunting for feathers
signals cl. panic
then he lifts up his gun
something always happens whenever they're together
get some hunger pangs
and then they spit out the bones

~ ~ ~

Nonny Nu said...

and then they spit out the bones

And, the t-shirts.

WillyWonka said...

is there a special name for the bowl that serves as the receptacle for spitting out the BBs?

poor poor doves. :(

Nonny Nu said...

Yes, I like to call it a "trash can," but others may have a different pet name.

Nonny Nu said...

How are you doing, WW?? I hope you and The Rook are having fun over there. We all miss you!

willywonka said...

so far everyone has been nice, but I miss the regular crowd of folks. I miss having people to bake for. grin

Nonny Nu said...

I miss having people to bake for. grin
I am always here for you.

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