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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Treking to the Land of Swallows, pt. 1
by Cl. Panic, esteemed guest blogger

The wonderful folks at Nu Nu & Nu, LLP were kind enough to turn me loose on a court-ordered and long-ago booked vacation to place known by the ancient Mayans as the "land of swallows" and to SCUBA divers as "heaven" -- Cozumel, Mexico.

So I grabbed my now-mandated passport, and boarded a flight to DFW where a 13 hour layover awaited. Now, it goes without saying that DFW is definitely not heaven. But if you're ever stuck at DFW, though, I highly recommend the Hyatt Grand. The bed was quite comfortable, and the sheets woven from unicorn down. It was a bit eerie waking up the next morning and looking out my window to find a generally sleepy airport. Kinda cool really--the calm before the storm. Anyway, it was clean sailing from the hotel room to jetbridge.

Okay, back to my travels. Since Nu Nu & Nu spoils me on business travel*, I've turned into a bit of a snob. That's right, get me a ticket to cut in line at security and sit right up front next to the air marshal! Travel tip: make nice with the flight attendant, and you might just put yourself one step closer to an all inclusive vacation.

Fast forward a few hours, a chicken salad and fresh baked cookie, and I'm in Cozumel. Not enough time left to dive today, but in my evening tour of the resort, I found some rather interesting graffiti.

The best part about vacation so far? I'm back in my good old Rainbows®!

* Just kidding. Nu Nu & Nu insists on coach class and refuses to reimburse for alcohol. Who can work under such conditions?
** Sorry for any weird linked photo issues, I've need NN to show me how she does it to bypass the evil filters she's installed on the corporate network.


Nonny Nu said...

"Esteemed" guest blogger??

Okay, new World of Nonny Nu Decree:

1-4 blog entries = KETCHUP status
5-14 blog entries = MAYO status
15-24 blog entries = SOY SAUCE status
25+ blog entries = MAGGI SAUCE status

Whatever other adjectives guest bloggers want to use is fine. I'll keep tabs on each guest blogger's status in the Contributors section on the left frame of the blog.

Anywhoo, where's the fish?? And, I don't want to crack the whip on you, but I'm not sure if that should count as one blog entry. Have you seen Freelance Monkey's entries?? You're on probation, mister.

Cl. Panic said...

Listen Ms. Nu, you can't rush a vacation. I'm SCUBA diving today. Then you can have your fish pictures. And maybe some turtles if you really behave.

Nonny Nu said...

OH, right, right. I forgot. You're *airquotes* on assignment. Okay, but this one counts as 1/2 an entry.

.50 Cal said...

you're in cozumel and we aren't. this sucks!

Cl. Panic said...

1/2 a post? Then what's this worth? Your cultured readers can't possibly hope for the complete detail of my plane ride, can they?

NN, I'm gunna be real careful before I play Monopoly with you... I can tell you're a "make up your own rules as the game goes" type! (Free Parking = Jar of Maggi Sauce, not the $$$ in the middle!)

Nonny Nu said...

This has a photo of a fish in it. It is therefore worth a full post. Besides, I'm long past MAGGI SAUCE status. Note that this is "The World of NONNY NU." That means something. If ever we play Nonopoly, then you can bet your bottom dollar that I will make up the rules as I go along.

Oh, and just so you know, Maggi Sauce comes in glass bottles, not jars. We used to transport Maggi Sauce in jars and small tupperware, but now that Maggi Sauce comes in travel sizes, we don't do that anymore. If I were you, I would be suspicious of Maggi Sauce in a jar.

Your cultured readers can't possibly hope for the complete detail of my plane ride, can they?
Of course, they can.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Thanks for changing me back to Ketchup status. I HATE MAYO!!!