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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Roses (updated 09/28)

So, I'm growing all sorts of stuff in my office, including roses (!). Like the NBA playoff schedule, I'll try to update this blog entry often with pictures of the roses. The current day's photo will be the one shown on the blog. The older photos will be linked. You will also find a link to this blog entry in the left hand menu entitled "What's Growing in Nonny Nu's Office?"

Everyone is aware of the tragedy that usually befalls roses that enter my office (those purple ones didn't last). That's why I didn't include these yellow roses (you can't tell because their blooms are gone) in the "What's Growing in Nonny Nu's Office?" list at first. I just figured that the blooms would wither and die, and the entire plant would follow. But, check this out! I watered faithfully and put her in the sun. Now, there's new growth!

Sept. 28 Update: Bloom's over, but there is much new growth (all the lime green areas). I'm thinking of relocating the these gals into a larger pot.

Sept. 6: Well, it has been two months since my last confession update. I missed the last blooming roses because I was out of the office during MonkeyPig's visit to HQ. But, here they are blooming once again!
July 17: Folks, this is a miracle. This is a MIRACLE, I tell you. Not only is this thing NOT dead, it's blooming. BLOOMING!
June 6 (a), June 6 (b): Dudes, check out the bud that's growing on my ROSES!!!! I can't believe it. I just can't. After having killed about 3 of these things, I just didn't think it could be done. Roses in my office. Can you beat that?!
June 28: New development...there was some white powder on the leaves. I can't tell if it's dust or if it's some sort of growth. What do you guys think?
June 1: No actual roses yet, but this is the longest living rose plant I've had in my office.
May 21:More growth!
May 15: The light green portions are new growth.


MonkeyPig said...

Nonny Nu

What's all these plants. Are you like....Mom???

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

I think that White Powder is the confectionary sugar you spilled while you were stocking the grocery aisle bookshelf in your office.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

I think the move to the new office has enhanced your growing skills! Are you officially giving the scientific name to your plants and submitting said monikers to Mr. Know-It-All?

Nonny Nu said...

You mean Professor Know-It-All. I think this new office has really done wonders for the plants! Someone said that it had a real "dorm room vibe" last week. I just love it. LOVE IT!