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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Okay, FINE!

A few days ago, during a moment of weakness, I actually solicited blog entry topics from you people. SHEESH! Talk about bad judgment on my part...

But, my very very dear husband--my heart, REALLY--answers my misguided and poorly thought through request.

So, what was this $35 get-rich-quick-scheme? Well, we have all seen these on college campuses. You know, the flyers, ends shredded so you could tear off the contact information, promising riches beyond your wildest dreams for doing absolutely nothing. Kinda like this one, minus the greenie message and plus the "send $35 cash and I'll tell you how to make $100 per hour" message.

This was back in the mid-90s when I was going to college and needed to make some dough. I held back for a long time. Really. I guesstimate that I saw the flyer and thought about it for about 20-30 seconds. I then decided I'd make what seemed to be a lucrative investment. Of course, we all know how this story ends, right? It wouldn't be like me to make decisions based on good judgment. Look at how we got to this topic, after all. So, long story short, I dutifully sent in my $35 cash and promptly received a binder encouraging me to basically post the same type of flyer and watch the money roll in.

Now, I bet that Mr. Nonny Nu is just DYING to tell you that I didn't get my money's worth. But, if you think about it, the flyer method ACTUALLY WORKS. Post flyers and watch the money roll in. Those were the instructions. Obviously, people DO send cash to others just because they saw a flyer. Therefore, joke's on you, Mr. Nonny Nu, joke's on you.

Come on, people. I simply do not believe that I'm the only one who has ever done this. Let's all be honest here. I 'fessed up about my $35 get-rich-quick scheme. Now, you tell me yours. Fair is fair.

Nonny Nu Trivia: Back in the day when I was tutoring for a living, I actually used the flyer method to advertise. It really worked! I was "The Low Cost Math Tutor," and my flyers were all different colors. I didn't charge the $100 per hour that would have fully realized the instructions I procured for the price of only $35, though.


Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Back in High School, I started and illegal numbers operation nee "Lottery" amongst my classmates. I had two sets of little slips of paper with 1 to 999 on them. People paid me $1.00 per number and I kept track of who had what number(s). Then on Fridays at exactly 3:23 pm I would draw a single number from a Ziplock baggie in my locker and the owner of that number would earn 75% of the total I had collected and I would "earn" 25% for running the illegal numbers scheme. That lasted for a total of three weeks until the assistant principal caught wind of it and shut me down with a quickness. I made a total of $38.00. Needless to say, community service was involved for the Summer.

Then, in college, I still lived in the dorms, but a friend of mine shared a big 6 bedroom house with a herd of other boneheads. He had the unfortunate job of being a bartender - so he worked nearly every weekend night. I convinced him that he should rent out his place for Friday Nights and Saturday Nights for parties. I told him I was charging $75 per night, when in actuality I was charging $200 (see I learned to award myself a larger percentage of the take). I provided karaoke and a light show for the renters and the use of the house - the renters provided the booze and finger food. That turned out to be very profitable!!!

I can only imagine the schemes my 16 year old brother is coming up with unbeknownst to me!

Nonny Nu said...

i conveniently forgot to include the facts that 1) mr. nonny nu forbade me to participate in the $35 fraud, and 2) 'twas mr. nonny nu who suggested the 'low cost math tutor' and promoted it to great success.

-=sigh=- when will i ever learn...

Nonny Nu said...

WARNING: That Nonny Nu is not the real one. In fact, that type of behavior is not new and is exactly what led to this.

Having clarified that point, I must say that 1) that is a true and accurate account of the events, and b) SHUT UP!

Hope that helps.

Nonny Nu said...

Man From U.N.C.L.E., I have newfound respect for you. Did you receive $35 in the mail from a North Hollywood address circa 1995, by any chance?

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