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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Viola (updated 04/01)

So, I'm growing all sorts of stuff in my office, including African violets (present from Green Thumbs McGillicutty!). Like the NBA playoff schedule, I'll try to update this blog entry often with pictures of my dear Viola. The current day's photo will be the one shown on the blog. The older photos will be linked. You will also find a link to this blog entry in the left hand menu entitled "What's Growing in Nonny Nu's Office?"

Apr. 1 Update: After half a year of sleeping, Viola has finally awoken! Take a look at her now. She has three buds up front, but seven buds in the back!

Sept. 28: This is just the gift that keeps on giving. One died on the vine and didn't bloom, one already finished blooming and has been removed, and three more have yet to bloom. Plus the five you see here, and this batch totals 10!
Sept. 6: Viola's getting ready too bloom again (I count 7 currently).
July 17: Look at these beautiful blooms!
July 9 (a), July 9 (b): Three days later...bloom!!
July 6 (a), July 6 (b), July 6 (c): I have a good feeling about Viola. She's a good girl. She has been working on her blooms. Look, she has as few buns in the oven!
June 28: Look! The little nubs ARE new blooms!! (Pic 2, Pic 3)
June 18 (1) (Viola lost all her blooms (as is too be expected)...)June 18 (2) (but this might be a new bloom rearing its head.)
June 1: Well, Viola is losing her blooms one by one, but she's still a beauty and very healthy.
May 21: Seven blooms!
May 15: Six blooms!
May 10: Two new blooms.
May 9: What a pretty little girl! She's very happy here after escaping from the evil clutches of Green Thumbs McGillicutty.
May 7: New blooms.
May 6

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