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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Message from Coach Nelson

She disapproves.


Prince Tuesday said...

right on, coach!

Cl. Panic said...

Don't worry Coach Nelson, I thought the same thing until the cafeteria provider changed...

Then Lee's started to grow on me.

Anonymous said...

COACH NELSON SAYS . . . (yeah, I don't have a google account)

I have to add that I did try different things, including the pork sando that everyone raves about, and I thought it was horrible. The pork was a bunch of fat and the carrot spears (although good) were not enough to mask the taste. Given that place has managed to stay in business and sell crappy food, I am thinking about starting my own business --Nelson's Nook!

Nonny Nu said...

Coach Nelson, will you serve porridge at Nelson's Nook? If so, you should go on Porridge Excursion (Part Deux) with Ghetto FOBulous and me.

Mr. Nonny Nu, you liked that Turkey Club sammich I got for you a couple weeks ago. That was from Lee's, you know...

Cl. Panic said...

Coach Nelson- You must admit that their bread is fantastic!