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Friday, August 3, 2007


I wonder how Mr. Nonny Nu's Magic Kitchen turkey dinner turned out for lunch...?


King Friday XIII said...

wonder no more! it's still refrigerating. i had frozen boston market chicken parmesan ala spaghetti (now that's italian!).


Nonny Nu said...

Why didn't you make the turkey? I'm trying to recommend Magic Kitchen to others (I tried the panna cotta today and it was delicious! All I did was thaw it for 1 hour and it was ready to go. Okay, we'll have turkey dinner tonight because people want to know whether it's good and whether it's easy to make. You were supposed to prove the latter point. *crosses arms*

stillman said...

mmmm, sure, bring the dessert to work for your own lunch and leave the turkey at home with the Mr.!

Nonny Nu said...

That's the general idea. Ribs last night. Not bad. Will have update soon.