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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nightly Dinner Ritual

I forgot to take out some Magic Kitchen stuff to thaw this morning (btw, we are expecting another order to arrive tomorrow *nods*), so we have to eat fake food tonight. Generally, the nightly ritual starts off with me emailing Mr. Nonny Nu about it being quittin' time and asking what's for eats. The conversation ultimately heads onto a dead end road where neither of us are willing to make a U-turn. Starvation ensues. As an example, here is tonight's exchange:

Me: coming home now. din?

Him: yes, i'd eventually like to have some. (aren't i just hilarious?)

Me: yes, very!! now, what should i bring home and how are you going to pay me?

Him: i have only my body >o:3 what do *you* want?

Me: not your body, but i will take some gallo prison.*

Him: "not your body" >o:3 i'm not that bad! (i don't like you.) gallo? -=sigh=- well, okay. whatever you wish.

Winner: haha! i win. two nights in a row...

Non-Winner: hmph.

Come to think of it, that wasn't much of a dead end road. Normally, we just go around and around, though, and it takes much more than 12 minutes to decide what to have for dinner. I promise (cross my heart and hope to die) that we usually argue a lot more. Well, as soon as we get our shipment of Magic Kitchen tomorrow, this will all be a dream.

*"Gallo Prison" is Nu-speak and coined by Mr. Nonny Nu for Sonoma Chicken Coop.

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Prince Tuesday said...

my guitar just went limp.