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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh, gross!!

Remember when we last talked about restroom stalls? Freelance Midget recently sent me an article about them. It's SOOOOO GROSS!!! Here it is. Apparently, my favorite "near last" stall at the office isn't so great since it's used more often than the first stall. But, that first stall is just too "exposed" for my tastes. I mean, nobody can see me in there, but still. It's the first one! I just can't do it. I just can't!


Prince Tuesday said...

"Women tend to have higher standards for bathroom cleanliness than men"

which is odd, considering women's proclivity toward ripping the hell out of their respective public restrooms.

anyone whose [side]work ever included cleaning restrooms knows this very well. while the men's restroom is indeed dirty, having a few paper towels missing their intended garbage target, a cleaner might think that a small monkey army bivouacked upsettingly in the women's restroom sometime during the shift--like a group of tee-peers used it for practice. never failed.

and it isn't a slam on women. i think that women probably do have a higher standard for bathroom cleanliness than men. that's the very reason i find it odd that they seemingly couldn't care less about *leaving* a public bathroom cleaner than do men.

~ ~ ~

Nonny Nu said...

Okay, here's the deal. (And, I'm letting you in on some VERY SECRET FEMALE SECRET here, buddy.) The reason why women leave the bathrooms messier than men do is because we want the cleanliness to be for us. Not for others. FOR US. Yes, you read correctly. Sometimes, that means that we leave things dirtier, but you can rest assured that leaving things dirtier made our own peeing experience cleaner than if we had given a shit (pun intended) about the next person using the restroom. Now, I'm not saying that that is what I do. I try to be clean before and after my visit to der badezimmer, mein Bär. But, some women don't go through life as easy, breezy, or beautiful as this cover girl.

Sushi Cat said...

I have been watching those two at home and I can confirm that Skillet is a whole lot messier than Kash. It's like she is trying to hide gold in there or something. She will often fling litter all over the floor when she is finding the perfect spot. She has learned a lot of things from me, but her potty habits are something that she learned herself.

Prince Tuesday said...

"The reason why women leave the bathrooms messier than men do is because we want the cleanliness to be for us. Not for others. FOR US."

meaning that women, at least in this case, are selfish hypocrites?

i find that pill extremely diffi--GULP!

(mmm, kinda tasty.)

~ ~ ~

Nonny Nu said...

We are selfish, but not hypocrites. Look, if you had to sit down to pee, wouldn't you do everything it takes to not get tainted??

Wednesday Grizzly Addams said...

"if you had to sit down to pee"

oh, yeah, like there's some other way.

"but not hypocrites"

oh! so you weren't the one screeching righteously at me to clean my bathroom the other day? who's tainted now, huh? who's tainted now!

~ ~ ~

Nonny Nu said...

But, keeping your own bathroom clean will make your next bathroom visit a clean one, b, FOR YOU. When you are in a public restroom, you're most likely not going to go back anytime soon, unless it's your office restroom (which is why office restrooms are cleaner than restrooms in, say, gas stations).

Anonymous said...

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