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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chinese Swan Lake

Wow! You guys have to watch this (courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. 3-Fish! It's the Chinese Circus doing their rendition of Swan Lake. They should have used this chick in the Olympics instead of the infants. I bet it really hurt when she stood on that one guy's skull. I know this because whenever Skillet or Kash stand on me with their little pointy feet, all of their weight is supported on four points and it's like having someone stab you with a dowel. Can you imagine how much pressure she's putting on that guy's head?? Ouch. Of course, only the Chinese would come up with something so artful, incredible, and ridiculous at the same time. Hey, I wonder how it will look if I stand on one toe on the top of your head? Let's try it!


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you have any taker on your proposition/offer?!

PS: you realize how incredible is her flexibility and balance....

Nonny Nu said...

Now, all of Nonny's sisters will know this already, but I'm afraid that the general TWoNN citizenry may not be aware of 3-fish's ballet fetish. She has been practicing ballet since a child (remember how I told you once that 3-fish is the least refugee-like of all of us?) and still tries to practice now. So, I bet 3-fish has had sugar plums dancing in her head after seeing that video and has been dreaming about dancing on Mr. 3-fish's head. (I heard that he recently had knee surgery, and I can't help but wonder whether his wife had anything to do with it.)

Anonymous said...

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