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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is it just me?

You may all already know about the age controversy brewing over in Beijing about the possibility that the Chinese female gymnasts are not quite 16 years old (the age requirement for this year's Olympics). So far, there have only been allegations based upon documents that were not created by the Chinese government. Now, Stryde Hax has found what appear to be official Chinese documents indicating that He Kexin is not 16 years old. The IOC has finally ordered an official investigation into this issue.

But, my beef is not with her age. My beef is with her last name--"He." In reading these articles about He, I find myself re-reading sentences because my first reading misleads me into believing that "He" is used as a pronoun. Halfway through the sentence, I realize that they are talking about "her," so I have to retrace my steps and re-read the sentence again. Is it just me?

Stryde Hax's investigation is definitely quite juicy. He may be stripped of her medals.



Freelance Midget said...

He looks evil. Yes, same prounoun confusion problem. I prefer Deng Lin Lin, who, at 4'6" and 67 lbs, is somehow not on the hot seat for being underage. Plus she stuck her team vault like an awesome gnome on steroids.

Anonymous said...

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