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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Sopranos: What a load of crap! *spoiler*

Okay, I was not planning on watching the season finale, but Mr. Nonny Nu turned it over to HBO while I was making dinner. We just finished watching it. Lame. I wish we hadn't and said we didn't. This show has been stringing me along for seasons with promises of death and destruction. But, no, last season (the one I thought would be the final season), nothing significant happened. Half the time, we were in Lala Land, bouncing around in Tony's effed up mind. That mob boss with a psychological problem storyline got old about four seasons ago. I was hoping that maybe AJ would accidentally shoot Tony or something (God knows AJ wouldn't have the guts to do it on purpose).

But, back to this show. Tony doesn't die. He doesn't even have a brush with death. Practically everyone else around him either bites it or has something happen to them, but not Tony.

Lemme tell ya, this show has been one disappointing episode after another. Stringing us along with ominous hints about something happening. Nothing. NOTHING. I'm not sure if this was supposed to be like a modern-day extended Godfather (I'm reading the book right now, btw), but if it was, then it's just like every other modern-day rendition of something great from the past--a load of crap.

[edit] Okay, I have now watched half an hour of John from Cincinatti. This show has too high a stress to understanding ratio for me. Once again, lame. I wish HBO would stick to real shows like Rome. Now THAT was a real series that was worth paying for. Especially worth paying for was Ciaran Hinds, who portrayed Julius Caesar. Hubba hubba!! Well, I'm off to clean up the kitchen, take a bubble bath in my newly scrubbed tub, and then watch the newest episode of Flavor of Love: Charm School. (Go Becky!!)


Pulcinella said...

certain things i'll never understand about females.

on hanes commercials, they play and twirl around, throwing balls to each other, giggling, stretching, being girlie to each other, being supportive, they happily dance away the minute. i mean, a chick can't even go to the little girls' room without having a friend come along (for what exact purpose, i'm not exactly sure, not that i think i really want to know).

but then we have the female group dynamic. whenever girls get together in groups, away from the men, all hell breaks loose. they look at each other and judge. not just look at each other, mind you, but look at each other and judge! then comes a whisper, oh, that grows into rumors that grows into more whispers that eventually turns into screaming and hair pulling. sometimes they'll cry and become friends. other times they'll be written off (that bitch can forever kiss my ass!).

the most interesting part? if a dude shows up, all of a sudden everyone is everyone's friend again, nothing said, nothing thrown. dude leaves, and bricks start flying. 'slut!'

but, what i personally think is really cool about all this is that if a male should somehow mistakenly step on one of the girls' toes--enough to make her cry--oh shit, here comes the pain. then the guy is sneered at and for-shamed, while the girl is consoled by her group. it's weird, but i like it (it's just that i don't understand it).

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

And isn't it interesting, pulcinella, that as the group of females grow quiet as I come up to them, I always figure they were talking about some uber secret female thing that they don't think is appropriate to share with me - like there's something exclusively female that I would never understand.

Freelance Midget said...

have you people never seen elimidate???? girls are NEVER nice to each other in front of boys. they name call and pole dance like there's no tomorrow to compete for a hair-gel'd boy from jersey. guh-rosss.

but it does make for good tv ;)

Nonny Nu said...

I think there is a distinction to be made here. If multiple girls are trying to woo a single boy, then cattiness invariably ensues. If multiple girls have an argument and a guy shows up (girls not interested in guy), then the guy is walled out. There are indications of the argument, just not the type of indication the guy would pick up on and understand. For example, you know that family Christmas dinner when your mom served your aunt the well-done steak with a huge smile on her face? Yeah, it was because she knew your aunt likes hers medium rare.

Pulcinella said...

mfu: exactly! and some things you can get out of them, but there's a wall there for sure. like they can sense that you're interested in their girlie things, their sacred girlie business, and they aren't letting loose of it! damn.

Pulcinella said...

let's have a big hand, everybody ... come on!

Nonny Nu said...

let's have a big hand, everybody ... come on!
Translation, please?