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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Adios Island Amigos
by Cl. Panic, the Cato Kalin of guest bloggers

They say that all good things come to an end; I guess vacations fit squarely into that category. I've got to get back into town so I can stand in line for an iPhone. (I mean, really, there's already a line going in New York?) Let me know when the SoHo and 5th Avenue lines cross.

My little lady and I opted for a drive around the island. We picked up a Jeep (I remember how to drive a stick, right?) and hopped on the road. Since there was really only one road to worry about, the map wasn't too necessary. The whole drive can be done in an hour or two, be we opted for a more leisurely trip. I did the same drive a few years ago, and I was amazed at the difference. This year there was a nicely paved road the whole way 'round.

The West side of the island is pretty rocky, and there isn't a whole lot of "beach" like you'd find Los Angeles or Miami or San Diego. The East side has a bit more beach, but swimming isn't recommended because of strong currents and the fact that the East side is generally uninhabited.

We stopped for a refreshing beverage at Coconuts, an awesome little bar up on an outcropping that consisted of a giant round thatched roof and very little else. No 'lectricity neither. Margaritas on the rocks anyone?

I'll spare the details of the rest of the day, but packing was unfortunately involved. The following morning we headed to the airport.

Cozumel has a small airport, all on ground level, with nice big windows looking right out on the tarmac. Those of you who know Cl. Panic know that I'm inquisitive. I was looking at our plane being refueled when I noticed liquid flowing out of the wing. Hmmm. Not a good sign. When the fire truck showed up, it because clear that our flight would be delayed. I was amazed that none of the other passengers noticed. Are these people blind?

The fire truck left, but a big puddle of jet fuel remained. The Mexican authorities gave the go-ahead for boarding and takeoff. Apparently, though, the AA pilot was some sort of anal retentive stickler who insisted that the flammable puddle be cleaned up. The nerve!

Anyway, we finally got into the air for a safe flight home. Can't wait for the next vacation! (Hint hint...)


Nonny Nu said...

Where's the fish?? You're telling me you didn't see any fish on your last day of vacation? What kind of vacation is this? You and the little lady drinking like fishes don't count, you know.

el bastardo said...

"You and the little lady drinking like fishes don't count, you know."

oh, i'm afraid it does.