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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

So, What Does This Tell You About Me??

Remember a while back when I told you that we were playing musical chairs at work and I was moving into a new office? Well, there have been developments. I hope you weren't too attached to the little desk by the window or the hutch by the other window. Because they are both gone now. I had to give them up. I ordered something for my office and it arrived over a week ago, but I was just too busy to actually assemble it. So, for the past week, I have been squeezing between boxes and furniture and piles and piles of paper around my office.

Until now. Here, do you notice anything different? How about now? Yes, it's my new couch!* Oh, my little couchy pooh...

Oh, and here's my new table top.

But, let's check out my couch again! Hey, wait a minute...who's that?? Oh, it's Stubbie's Godmother hiding behind the pillow that MonkeyPig gave me before she went to Afghanistan.**

Anywhooo...I went for a run in the late afternoon, around quitting time, and here I am after the jump. (No, your eyes do not deceive you--the ends fold down into a twin futon bed!)

*Special thanks to Stubbie's Godmother for her assistance in putting together the couch.

**See, MonkeyPig? I was just waiting for couchy pooh to be delivered so that I could put your pillow in a prominent position in my little home away from home.


Freelance Midget said...

dude, that couch is amazing. twin bed AND a hang out facilitator. plus the monkey pillow raises the awesomeness factor by at least 4.5.

Freelance Midget said...

and i also realized...

the huge mirror that i thought you installed in your actually just your window looking into someone else's window. that put an end to my "NN must be very vain" thought ;)

and started my "FM is a dolt" thought.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Even better office arrangement- well designed and executed. Couchie pooh looks comfy and inviting. Great choice of accent pillow!!! Puts a personal touch on the entire office.

Cl. Panic said...

I'm so proud of you for getting that furniture all assembled.

You can even rent the bed out to associates that commute in from away places and too tired to drive home! (Or perhaps those who might have found a nearby watering hole and can't risk driving...)

Cl. Panic said...

Oooh, social experiment. Let's put a folding green chair in the corner of NN's office and see what happens.

Next week, we'll install a non-working stereo...

Nonny Nu said...

Thanks for all the compliments, folks! I can't believe the plan has finally been executed. Thanks (especially to Man from U.N.C.L.E.) for the ideas on how to arrange the office. One of my fellow worker bees described the office as a "condo" today. Also, one of the partners came by to talk shop and he was actually my first guest. First, he said incredulously, "What is this?!" Then, he helped himself to the couch and draped his arms over the end cushions and said with approval, "Huh, this is pretty comfy!" I sat in my chair, and it turned out to be just the right distance. This is totally awesome, dudes!!

Nonny Nu said...

Oooh, social experiment. Let's put a folding green chair in the corner of NN's office and see what happens.
It's on.

Cl. Panic said...

Although in that picture you appear to be lounging, and yet you claim you never wear your running shoes unless you're running... so someone might have some splainin' to do.

Nonny Nu said...

someone might have some splainin' to do
Who, me? My rabbit legs were tired so they stopped for a while to rest. And, then the rest of the rabbit got stuck.