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Happy Birthday, Willy Wonka!

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goodbye, TWoNN!

It's time for a new start. Please join me and Mr. Nonny Nu at The Nu Warren. Hope to see you there!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Willy Wonka !!

I'm sure that this cake will not taste as good as anything you would bake, Willy Wonka, but I hope you will enjoy it. Happy Birthday!

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Woo II

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Happy Birthday Woo

Hi Guys

It is a special occasion. It is Woo's birthday this month. She came to our house spring of 96' as a puppy. She was about 2 months old and someone didn't want this special puppy. We were lucky that she chose our house to wander into. The rest is history.

Woo is short for Gimawoo. That's black-sesame-porridge in Chinese.

She's a well travel dog. She's been to Hawaii and swam at the North Shore. She's been to Kansas. Unlike Todo, she didn't get swept away by the tornado. She went back to California for awhile. We were back together summer of 08'.

Since then, we've been to New Mexico camping, the Petrified Forest, Black Walnut Canyon, Yellowstone, Rushmore, etc. She's now in Georgia. She lets me sleep in her bed at night. She enjoys the company of Baysee (another dog I adopted from the Humane Society. His birthday is around Halloween). They play all day long when I'm working. Or should I say she boss him around all day.

She's 14 years old and going strong. She's queen of the house.

She enjoys her stroller. When Bays and I go jogging, he drag and I push Woo on the stroller. But, she's not one to just sit and enjoy the scenery. For the last 1/3 mile of our jog, she likes to get off the stroller. She would stretch, roll on the grass, and take her time walking back to our car.

Help me say Happy Birthday to this old girl.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sugar Snap Peas

Cl. Panic gave me two sugar nap pea plants about a month ago and they have now doubled in size. I created a scaffolding out of coffee stirrer sticks using Coach Nelson's glue gun. They look so happy! Soon, they will be ready for harvest and we can sneak them into hot pot!

Update (3/9/2010):

Update (3/11/2010):
OMG! My first sugar snap pea has arrived!!

Update (3/15/2010):
Three more peas have come in! Earmarked for L. Woods, Cl. Panic, and Green Thumbs. See if you can find them!

Update (3/16/2010):
Oh, no! My peas have competition! Below are Cl. Panic's peas. Note the net. It is from Daiso, the Japanese dollar store. The peas are looking great. I expect Cl. Panic to bring in a yummy sugar snap pea salad soon.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Midge!

Oh, dear Midge,

You are nearing middle age at such a fast rate! I remember when I was your age. The time just flew. So, have a piece of cake (Cl. Panic chose this one especially for you!), sit back, and watch the years roll by. See ya on the other side!


*slides down other side of hill*

Your favorite aunt,

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Real Refugees of Washington, D.C. (Episode 4)


Emotions are low and the sisters are irritable as Ca Loc ends her visit and returns home. The remaining five visit historic Alexandria for a trolley ride and some very good Thai food. But, even good food isn't enough to stop Jean Cutter and 3-Fish from playing "Missing."* On their own, Wah Toh, MonkeyPig, and Nonny Nu traipse around Alexandria walking along the coblestone streets, admiring gas lamps, visiting George Washington's old haunts, and watching a colonial fashion show. While admiring the beautiful clothing of ladies, gentlemen, and children (including the detailing), it is established via a few cryptic text messages that "Missing" had commenced. But, the two groups find each other at an old crypt, and end up having a great time anyway.

*"Missing" is a game regularly played by a certain maternal figure in the Nu family (normally during a "pageant") whereby the figure pouts, goes off on her own, and screws up everyone else's day because everyone is busy looking for her instead of having fun together. Jean Cutter and 3-Fish were first time players of "Missing" but they played exceptionally well.

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Happy Veterans' Day !!

Thank you to all the veterans out there for serving our country and keeping us safe. (This includes you, MonkeyPig and The Scorpion!)

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, Tiferelia!

Happy 29th, Tiferelia!! I have chosen a "hot cake" for you and also some haikus!

Tell me, dear sister,
Is there time in your schedule
For fixing me food?

Yankees hit two nine
One day after you did, Tif
You guys could be twins

Oops, they're two seven
You are older after all
Don't cry--we love you

Also, from Mr. Nonny Nu...

sister 'o my loins
it is twenty-nine again
happy birthday tif

dearest tiffany
today we honor your life
pass the potatoes

years become ashes
tif turns back her birthday clock
batting eyelashes

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Real Refugees of Washington, D.C. (Episode 3)

“Full House”

Finally, all six of the sisters are together. Concerned about her food options, Jean Cutter loads up on breakfast and prepares to face a day of no Chinese food. Arriving in Arlington, the sisters try to purge the laughter from their systems and don reverent faces for the somber scenes of Arlington Cemetery, including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Eternal Flame, and the tram ride. The sisters hoof it over the Potomac and picnic on its bank, realizing Jean Cutter’s fear that she should have packed food provisions for this trip. Eyebrows are raised when MonkeyPig does a strip tease in front of the Lincoln Memorial, but the mood is lifted over a game of chance when five of the sisters bet when 3-Fish would emerge from reading all the text within the memorial itself (spoiler: MonkeyPig won and got to pick the restaurant for dinner). A long walk on the mall and a visit to the Vietnam War Memorial and Washington Monument later, the sisters head to Union Station to celebrate Ca Loc’s and Wah Toh’s birthdays. The day ends with a visit to the Jefferson Memorial where Jean Cutter is moved by the Founder's dedication to his country. This emotion is short-lived, however, as we will see in Episode 5 ("How dare you, DC?").

Next time: Jean Cutter and 3-Fsh play "Missing."

Bonus: We ate at an American bistro at Union Station and Jean Cutter thought the pickings were emaciated. Guess how many minutes it took for Jean Cutter to figure out what she wanted on the menu? (click here for the answer after you make your guess)

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Happy Belated Birthday, Green Thumbs McGillicutty!!

What do you get for a person who bought 10 apple trees for her birthday? A candied apple cake, of course! Happy birthday, Green Thumbs. May your apple trees grow tall and in beautiful shapes.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Love You, Sushi.

For my one and only Sushi, a haiku on the second anniversary of the Darkest Day...

Little white muff paw
Unfurling to reach for me
Veiled eyes grinning true

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Real Refugees of Washington, D.C. (Episode 2)

"What Shops Do They Have At The National Mall?"

The above question is asked by 3-Fish when the ladies visit the Capitol on a tour guided by someone from Sen. Brownbeck's office and rub elbows with DC's elite as they dine on reduced-priced buffet at the Dirken Senate Building. Nonny Nu makes a quick stop by the Supreme Court for a short photo op, but a visit to the National Cathedral is cut short when The Jean Cutter arrives. Tensions rise when the Jean Cutter is not met at the airport, and is instead instructed to get to the hotel on her own and that dinner will be from McDonald's. Fortunately, there is a culinary happy ending when the real dinner is revealed to be clams in black bean sauce and assorted other Chinese food items.

Awesome sights in this episode: underground trolly/subway system connecting important buildings in DC; center in the original basement of the Capitol from which the entire city radiates, as designed by city planner, L'Enfant; Capitol's dome; purple eggs at a local grocery store.

In the next episode, 3-Fish determines the menu without knowing it, and The Jean Cutter is moved by history. Ca Loc, however, remains unimpressed with the city.

Mystery Photo 1: Who is this and what is she doing?
Mystery Photo 2: Where is Mr. Nonny Nu in this photo taken inside the Hart Senate Building?

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Real Refugees of Washington, D.C. (Pilot)


In the pilot episode, the audience is introduced to the Nu Sisters. Nonny Nu arrives in DC and rendezvous with MonkeyPig at a local watering hole. Not wishing to be left out, Ca Loc confronts them at the bus stop, but ends up in a compromising position. The threesome are quickly joined by 3-Fish and Wah Toh, as they invade the capitol through the bus and the underground subway systems. Even the Navy Memorial was not prepared for such an invasion, and bowled over laughing as the sisters attempted to locate various countries on its world map. Undeterred, the Nu Sisters returned to their hotel room to plot another attack on the city.

Next time: Jean Cutter arrives in DC.

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Squirrels II

A couple months ago, I reported that the Nu Residence was experiencing squirrel problems. There were many suggestions for how to deal with the squirrels, but the best one so far was a suggestion from Green Thumbs McGillicutty--Don't Cat Squirrel Spears!

Don't Cat spears are really anti-cat devices, but also work against squirrels. The incidence of squirrel attacks have diminished greatly after I installed these spears, as witnessed by Mr. Nonny Nu. After weeks of sustaining attacks, the plants were getting depressed. But, recently, buds started appearing (9 gardenia buds and 2 lily buds), so this was an especially critical time to implement a new plan. Don't Cat Squirrel Spears were immediately applied to the planter and nailed down tight.

I am very happy with this!

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