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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Real Refugees of Washington, D.C. (Episode 4)


Emotions are low and the sisters are irritable as Ca Loc ends her visit and returns home. The remaining five visit historic Alexandria for a trolley ride and some very good Thai food. But, even good food isn't enough to stop Jean Cutter and 3-Fish from playing "Missing."* On their own, Wah Toh, MonkeyPig, and Nonny Nu traipse around Alexandria walking along the coblestone streets, admiring gas lamps, visiting George Washington's old haunts, and watching a colonial fashion show. While admiring the beautiful clothing of ladies, gentlemen, and children (including the detailing), it is established via a few cryptic text messages that "Missing" had commenced. But, the two groups find each other at an old crypt, and end up having a great time anyway.

*"Missing" is a game regularly played by a certain maternal figure in the Nu family (normally during a "pageant") whereby the figure pouts, goes off on her own, and screws up everyone else's day because everyone is busy looking for her instead of having fun together. Jean Cutter and 3-Fish were first time players of "Missing" but they played exceptionally well.


Anonymous said...

MonkeyPig: The Thai food was great by was way too expensive. I've told them to take advantage of the "free" and really good breakfast offered at the Hotel Sierra. But, Jean Cutter, as usually defied command. What's worst, we spent 100+ bucks on a stupid hot pot meal in Chinatown. Totally wasted good money.
But, 3Fish and Jean Cutter was, I admit, resourceful during their "Missing" game. They actually saw a little more stuff than the grand tour offered by Monkey Pig. Not much, just a little more.

Nonny Nu said...

But that was because we were looking for them! Also, they missed the fashion show. They would have loved that one.

ogunsgirl said...

Hey, Nonny! Love the pics of all the NuSisters. I'm really glad you guys got to spend some time together and looks like you had great fun. Much love!:)

L. Woods said...

NN - you look so cute in this picture!

Nonny Nu said...

Ha! Thanks! I almost didn't make it into the shot!

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