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Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Midge!

Oh, dear Midge,

You are nearing middle age at such a fast rate! I remember when I was your age. The time just flew. So, have a piece of cake (Cl. Panic chose this one especially for you!), sit back, and watch the years roll by. See ya on the other side!


*slides down other side of hill*

Your favorite aunt,


Anonymous said...

25 years old -- so young!!! No gray hair anywhere on your body. Still have baby smell. Forehead still smooth.Fingers still unwrinkle. No panus. Ahhhhh the big two-five.

Freelance Midget said...

Sir Spam-A-Lot!

Anonymous said...

25 years old....... I still remember your smelly white little blanket... and your Mom telling us: that stubborn TT she craw into our bed room last night & sleep on the floor. Don almost step on her ..... lucky you ....
You should not have smooth finger because the way you suck on the big one ...... oh where is your smelly blanket I still remember how it look......... Happy belated birthday day .......

Nonny Nu said...

Ha! I remember that smelly blanket. Midge used to do a parlor trick where she had to choose which out of 5-6 blankets was her smelly blanket. She batted 1.000.

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