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Monday, April 16, 2007

Well, well, well. We're open for business!

Ha! Success! Someone commented! And, like any other real business, I'm framing the first dollar that came in.

As an FYI, AgPig (pronounced "Silver Pig") is sister #5. Ob/Gyn doctor in the Army, stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX. Baysee is her dog. This photo was taken on Baysee's first day home from the pound. AgPig called me that day expressing concern that she had perhaps adopted a dumb dog because Baysee didn't seem to get the hang of the doggie door. After several minutes of discussion, it turned out that Baysee had gotten neutered earlier in the day. AgPig, let's carve out your spleen and see if you can put yourself through a doggie door. Oh, wait, been there, done that.*

Anywhooo, AgPig shall now go down in history as the first ever commentor at The World of Nonny Nu. She will be the first member of Nonny's Hall of Fame. A round of applause, please! *claps while moving hands in a circle*

As to why (Frodo) Stillman isn't in the pictures from yesterday's hiking trip at Long Ridge, Frodo didn't want to be photographed. She's a photogenic gal who reminds me of Elisabeth Shue, but was shy that day. But now, we have a request for a sighting. So, Stillman, be prepared to be photographed next weekend. I bet you'll turn out just as nice as the banana slug did. I'll work my Photo 0.0101 magic, don't worry.

If anyone wants to post photos, please feel free to email them to me at If you include a brief description, I will weave that into the blog entry. Otherwise, I'll make something up for you.

Oh, and no, I am getting my coaching free from Coach Nelson, who will kill me tomorrow because I didn't run today even though I had planned to.

*AgPig had a splenectomy several years ago, but you'd think she had an eye-ectomy...
babbling brook


terrence olivier said...

Freshly Neutered Baysee

you see, i find no humor in this whatsoever. we'll always remember you as a man, baysee! hang in there, uh, brother.

Augustus Pablo said...

Hmm...a certain evil employer seems to have blocked access to your "photo" links. I bet they're porn.

Anonymous said...

Can't leave a comment. What's up with that?

Nonny Nu said...

"Can't leave a comment. What's up with that?"

terrence olivier had a problem posting a comment just now as well. And, if I know terrence olivier, it was a good comment, too. I feel for the two of you. Please keep trying, though, and don't forget your fake name.

Ca loc said...

Moneypig Baysea is such a good looking boy, too bad, he can't grow into a man........