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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Guess It Was Just A Matter Of Time

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a clutz. I am famous for tripping and falling in places where no one else has ever done so. So, three weeks into my running routine, something was just waiting to happen. Yesterday, I didn't run even though I had promised Coach Nelson that I would. So, today, I had to run. A mile and a half into the run, I tripped on a section of uneven sidewalk. It's a good thing I was battling 35 mile per hour winds today because I wore sweats instead of my usual shorts. Anyhow, I ate it and now I have yet another scar on my knee to get rid of. But, I went on and finished my full 4.5 miles.

Okay, so what I really want to talk about today is flowers. I happen to sit on the sunny side of a building at work, so flowers should be a breeze to grow in my office. But, no. This is what happened to my tulips, and this is what happened to my freesia. Note the lack of any blooms on the freesia and the complete lack of life in the tulip pot. I bought some yellow roses last week from Trader Joe's but they too have passed on. They are now replaced with these purple ones, but we'll see how long that lasts. Granted, the yellow roses did have gnat problems, but I've since acquired some "plant soap" and the gnats have not shown their faces since then. The one thing I have had some luck with is my cactus. Against everyone's advice, I gave it a major haircut one month ago. I re-potted it, and then lopped off all of its leaves, cut it down to size, and put it in the sun. But, guess what? It has made great strides since then with remarkable new growth.

It has been a real struggle for me in my neck of the woods. But, lo and behold, right next door to my office is Green Thumbs McGillicutty. Sure, she complains about how cold her office is, but her AFRICAN violets are blooming like there's no tomorrow. Even the reflections in the window are gorgeous. There are pink ones, lavender ones, and even *gasp* VIOLET violets. (Doesn't that just make you want to kiss your parol officer?) Apparently, the secret to her success is using 3 parts unicorn blood to 2 parts griffin saliva fed through a long-nosed hummingbird-style watering contraption. Ha! Now you guys know what to get me for Christmas.

So, let's see, we've talked about vegetable (plants) and mineral (sidewalk), so that leaves animal. As you may or may not know, I now have an office mate named Stubbie. In the morning before he puts his contacts on, he looks like this. In the evening, Stubbie's Godmother fixes him dinner before she goes home for the night. Today, I was talking to Stubbie and he asked how the blog was going. I told him that Tubbie said hello. Stubbie says hello, too!


Nonny Nu said...

Shhhh!!! No real names or references to real names, people!!

Yeah, I used the a href tag for The World of Nonny Nu's Very First Dollar Bill. I also tinkered with the page's HTML code so that I could get smaller margins and wider writing space. Reminds me of my past life spent debugging code. :o)

Hey, so how did you find your way to The World of Nonny Nu?? Do you blog, too? This is so cool! I'm going to try to take the summers on a hike.

The Nonny Nu

Stubbie said...

Dear Mr. Olivier,

Thank you for your kind words. My only crime was being a fish. Please help.

Under armed guard,

terrence olivier said...

there, there, stubbie. i've contacted your motherfish, and she's working to get the 5000 shrimp together that you and i gurgled about.

best thing to do is get some rest. try to take your mind off things. i'll visit you just as soon as i can.

Anonymous said...

Hey nonny nu, nice blog. Finally I was able to leave my 2 cents after some explanation on how this work. Enjoy the pix from your guest the MonkeyPig. Hope she has a relaxful (does this word even exist? if not, it is now)time in FL. This week Kho chu yuk is on long tour and left the 2 of us at behind. Unfortunately, I committed to take in one kid from the academy so the TWO OF US are really not home alone. Talking about movie, I like The Pursuit of Happiness. I didn't know it was a true story until later. Have been wanting to watch Pride & Prejudice but according to Kho chu yuk, it took her a couple of time to get the whole thing. Can you imagine how many times it would take me? About Yun Pei Jacket & his new found love, they have decided to stay in the US for now. I'm glad for their decision as it will be easier for me/us to pay them visits. My puppy has not been BBQ yet. His under coat is getting matty now and I may have to send him to Siu Lam Chi to have a hair cut. You should check out some of the link in this blog because quite a few of them just took me back to the orig page, unless that was done intentionally. Well, what do I know about technology?? You shoud be proud of me that I can find your place and be able to leave my comment. This is my second try. If it fails, I think I will have to go thru the withdrawal syndrom before I will get back on. Anyhow, I enjoyed the comments and pix. I will be visiting soon. Wah Toh

Nonny Nu said...

Hi, Wah Toh! You are back in MonkeyPig's will (see this comment from MonkeyPig). I am glad that you took in a student, but I wish you and Mr. Wah Toh had some quality time together other than when you do OT.

The links are mostly for different posts. When you click on the links, they will look the same at the top of the page ("Announcement: Guess Blogger" and the picture of my office white board with the basketball bracket), but if you scroll lower, you will see different blog entries plus their comments.

Nonny Nu said...


You can imbed the pictures directly into your blog posts by using the html tag offered by photo bucket (the a href tag). You probably already know this but oh well.

- Lucy's mom!

Nonny Nu said...

terrence olivier said...

what is stubbie's supposed crime that warrants his imprisonment? not only does he not have a prelim date set, he claims he's not even had his information! outrageous. what kind of prison are you people running over there at [censored]?