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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


OMG, I'm bidding on this watch right now. There are only 3 mins 37 seconds left. We'll see.

Okay, do you guys think I should get a maid? You know, someone to come in once every other week to tidy things up. Don't get me wrong. I just love to clean the house after working 60hrs a week. It's so relaxing...BARF. Yeah, remember when it was trendy in Hollywood to clean one's own house? I think that Sharon Stone and Gwyneth Paltrow said that they liked to vacuum. Please. I can understand if Paltrow found it novel. But, Sharon Stone? According to IMDb, her dad was a factory worker.

OMG!! I won the item!!

Anywho, that "I love cleaning" trend was pretty short-lived. Probably because people could smell the poop dribbling out of the corners of their mouths. EWWWWW. I need to chew a stick of Orbitz gum now.

The thing is, I don't really like people rummaging through my stuff. I just get the feeling that I'm going to have to screen the area before the cleaning lady shows up. And, nobody cleans house the way I do. Well, except for my sisters. I don't know. Does anyone have any experience with this?? I also don't want to hire someone who also cleans the house of other people I know. Don't want any of my secrets being leaked, you know? Advice? Comments?


sweetsieweatsie said...

Congratulations! That watch is beautiful! I hate those g_ddamn last minute buyers. I'm bidding on a dress from Saks 5th right now, and there are 11 hours to go, and I'm scared. I've been the highest and only bidder for 5 days, and I'll be damned if someone ruins it!

cl. panic said...

C'mon NN, you don't get bragging rights when you're the only bidder >;)

Nonny Nu said...

sweetsieweatsie: Did you get the dress???

Cl. Panic: Well, I suppose not. I was outbid by one of those last minute buyers a few hours before that on another watch. Longines, vintage from the 50s, working condition. GAH!!

Ghetto FOBulous said...

My maid puts so much effort into cleaning that she broke one of my faucet handles. I'll tell you all about her at lunch.

sweetsieweatsie said...

sweetsieweatsie: Did you get the dress???

You know what non? I didn't. I didn't get it. I'm pretty pissed about it too. I was sitting in front of my computer late last night, and I was the only bidder, right. The countdown said "<1 minute". I was so happy and excited. So I refreshed the page, and, excuse my French, some BITCH, outbid me at the very last second.

Based on her bidding history, you could tell that she was just going to buy the dress and resell it. I actually was so upset that I sent her a nasty email. I feel a little bit guilty and immature for doing that now, but I was a wreck last night! Come on. I know how Ebay works, but that is just cruel to do to someone!!

Nonny Nu said...

Awwww, crap! Sucks. Would you consider buying it from that lady who outbid you if she puts it up for sale?

sweetsieweatsie said...

Why, it wasn't you, was it? Hahaha!

You know, I just don't feel like giving her the satisfaction. The dress wasn't great enough to swallow my pride. Even if I see that dress being sold for 99 cents by this troll I will still refuse to pay her for spite!! =)

Maybe I am too kind of a person, but if I saw something on Ebay that I liked at the last minute (literally), I wouldn't outbid the one bidder that I am sure is already excited that they won!

stillman said...

but the last minute bid is the smartest way to win on ebay, without jacking up the price by repeatedly bidding and counterbidding over the course of the entire auction. you need to use the feature where you set the highest bid you're willing to enter, and let ebay automatically counterbid for you up to that amount. If you had, you would have automatically bid against her last minute bid without lifting a finger. this is also a way to dissuade sellers from entering fraudulent counterbids to raise the price artificially... if they don't see any bids through the life of the auction.