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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Digs

Okay, so here I am, all moved in. This will be home for me for the next five days. At least the bed looks comfy (PortaBear approved). Of course, first thing I do was to do about 1.5 hours of work (in addition to the full 6 hours of work I did on the ride over here).

Here's the next clue as to where I am...this is my view from my hotel room.

Anyhow, here's more furniture. Notice anything? Yes, those are my provisions. Don't laugh. By the time I checked in (approx. 1:30am local time), the kitchen had already closed, so I am going to have to dig into one of the noodles (maybe even two). I'm so starvinsky!! I haven't really eaten anything after those noodles at SFO.

I took JetBlue and they are, hands down, the best long-distance fliers. They had SO MUCH LEG ROOM!! There was too much for me, actually, since I'm shorter than the average American woman. What put them over the top, however, were their snacks. They were awesome! There were those blue chips, animal crackers, cashews, gourmet chex mix, and shortbread cookies. Of course, I sampled all of it. The best were the animal crackers. Not only were they tasty AND low cal (only 4 calories), they were the most detailed animal crackers I've ever seen. Here's the hippo (I'm not opening these until I need an extra snack). I give JetBlue two paws way up.


señor curioso said...

beautiful downtown burbank?

stillman said...

given the time difference between your posting and the time you said you landed, I would say Chicago, NYC or DC.

señor curioso said...

^---okay, t'pol, why not guadalajara?

you have five minutes to answer this question in essay form only. pencils may *not* be used. you may begin.

Cl. Panic said...

C'mon I can almost smell the Bronx in that picture.

Cl. Panic said...

^---okay, t'pol, why not guadalajara?

Because Jet Blue no fly to Guadalajara, mi amigo! If they did, it would be Jet Azul, and they don't serve animal crackers.

señor curioso said...

tell 'em what he's won, johnny.

cl. panic, you have just won a ceramic dalmation, a half-chewed box of ciggaros, and, of course, a trip to beautiful downtown burbank.*

*offer void for smart-ass lawyers. no cash value.