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Monday, May 7, 2007

How to Use Apostrophes

I've customized my Google page and included a "How To of the Day" widget. Here's today's "How To". After reading that, you'll note that it was completely useless to me in that it said nothing of how to use an apostrophe to pluralize the _'s in the new linked text instructions. I suspect that I should've written "'_'s" instead of "_'s" if I were a "modern" person. But, I'm not, am I?

[edit] Check this out!! See? Someone DOES care! I asked.

[edit] I've updated the linked text instructions so that they no longer require the pluralization of _.


señor curioso said...

never mind all this crap, tell these good people about your $35 get rich quick scheme!

Nonny Nu said...

The readership has spoken.

señor curioso, you are the first to request a topic. For that, I thank you. My initial reaction to your comment was realization that I have not been putting enough hemlock in your meatloaf. But, being the natural optimist that I am, I quickly found "the silver lining" in your comment. I have to say that the majority of your comments come with silver linings. At least that is what I have to so that I don't off myself.

Your devoted wife (*sticks finger down throat*),
Nonny Nu

Nonny Nu said...

P.S. I liked you better when you were Cpl. Conniption.

Cl. Panic said...

There is no need to make an underscore possessive; there's not much worse than a possessive underscore. (They get upset when hyphens go out with their fellow punctuation friends!)

Instead, you can replace the < with &lt; and the > with &gt; in the code and the code will not be executed.

señor curioso said...

mmmm, hemlock...

Nonny Nu said...

Instead, you can replace the < with < and the > with > in the code and the code will not be executed.
OMG! I'm going to execute YOU! I tried it and now it's all screwed up! GAH! Okay, I'm going to try to fix it.

Nonny Nu said...

It's still screwed up!!

Nonny Nu said...

Crisis averted.

You lucked out Cl. Panic.