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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Should Nonny Nu be Prohibited from Hiking By Her Lonesome?

Hi, folks! I am sure you all noticed that there was no hiking blog this past weekend. Even though I had both days off (I've started to go grocery shopping during the week instead of on the weekends), I didn't go hiking. Mr. Nonny Nu forbade me from hiking by myself. Since he got sick off of KFC soy chicken and Stillman pulled a muscle, there was nobody to chaperone. But, I've gone hiking a couple times by myself already and have always come back in one piece. No mountain lion scratches, nothing. So, do you all think I should be forbidden from hiking by my lonesome? Or, do you think my happiness should hinge on the availability of others?


Man from U.N.C.L.E. said...

Even though you have the wise and magical crouching tiger, hidden nonny on your side, I think it is dangerous for you to go out on hikes on your own. Mr. Nonny Nu probably saw those pictures of your puma-like attempt to scale those rocks by yourself, and it frightened him. Perhaps he pictured you getting to the top in seconds flat and then getting stuck up there with no one to come to your rescue. Has your cat ever climbed a tree and it couldn't come down?

You also mentioned that the trails are not very well marked. You could very easily wander off into Wonderland and be accosted by The Queen of Hearts who will decree, "Off with her head!" And as terrific as you are - I don't think you'd be too much good without a head.

So in the interest of safety, I think the buddy system is the best. Plus, I think "prohibited" is too strong of word.

Nonny Nu said...

But, I've always come home safe and sound. Did you skip that part?

caloc said...

YES, LISTEN TO MR. NONNY NU, DO NOT HIKE BY YOURSELF. You are a new hiker there are a lot to learn. I don't want to get phone call from Mr. NN for this kind of news.......

MonkeyPig said...

Nahhh...You only live once. What's the purpose of life when you have to always wait.....
I think that if you decide to hike buy yourself, make sure you find a trail that many people visit (unlike Shark Alley or Lone Pine Trial..Obviously I didn't tell you guys all the detail), have cell phone available, and tell people where you are before the hike (like I call you when I was in Fl). Why don't you get a dog. They can sometimes be intimidating.

You can always bring an extra bottle of Maggi. In case of threat, you can always offer the assailant the Maggi. That works better than offerring your body.

MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. and Cac Loc, you guys worry too much...

MonkeyPig said...

Ok... having said that. If you die, its your own doing. I'm just minding my business and contributing to your blog as directed.....