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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Real Refugees of Washington, D.C. (Episode 3)

“Full House”

Finally, all six of the sisters are together. Concerned about her food options, Jean Cutter loads up on breakfast and prepares to face a day of no Chinese food. Arriving in Arlington, the sisters try to purge the laughter from their systems and don reverent faces for the somber scenes of Arlington Cemetery, including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Eternal Flame, and the tram ride. The sisters hoof it over the Potomac and picnic on its bank, realizing Jean Cutter’s fear that she should have packed food provisions for this trip. Eyebrows are raised when MonkeyPig does a strip tease in front of the Lincoln Memorial, but the mood is lifted over a game of chance when five of the sisters bet when 3-Fish would emerge from reading all the text within the memorial itself (spoiler: MonkeyPig won and got to pick the restaurant for dinner). A long walk on the mall and a visit to the Vietnam War Memorial and Washington Monument later, the sisters head to Union Station to celebrate Ca Loc’s and Wah Toh’s birthdays. The day ends with a visit to the Jefferson Memorial where Jean Cutter is moved by the Founder's dedication to his country. This emotion is short-lived, however, as we will see in Episode 5 ("How dare you, DC?").

Next time: Jean Cutter and 3-Fsh play "Missing."

Bonus: We ate at an American bistro at Union Station and Jean Cutter thought the pickings were emaciated. Guess how many minutes it took for Jean Cutter to figure out what she wanted on the menu? (click here for the answer after you make your guess)


Anonymous said...

Monkey Pig: I actually told 3-fish to come out at my bet-time. The game was rigged.

Anonymous said...

Monkey Pig: We had a VietNamese Cindy Crawford amongst us that day. Her perfume was Sauce Au Poisson

ogunsgirl said...

Great pics, Nonny. Looks like you guys had such a great time and so nice that you got to spend time with all your sisters!

Anonymous said...

I can wait to see to post after I left about icecream at Mcdonald you guys made Shirley tears. Did you took photos about the STEAM POT I can't wait, My Dad is Chinese and my last name is THAI not CUTTER. You forgot to mention 3 fish get yelled by me of her inconsideration at night to the Jefferson Memorial and the part we went to the US treasury at night and pick up some 100 dollar bills at the alley ..........CA LOC

Anonymous said...

Good thing MOnkey Pig fessed up. I was about to spill the beans about the underhanded "victory." Still laughing non-stop seeing all those pix and the write-ups and comments are so hilarious. Next trip, you guys should bet on a day during which 3-fish does NOT get yelled at! Talking about Jean Cutter's idiosyncrasies on food...the 2 full CUPS of cold cut she brought along to eat on the Camalot Tour...Can't wait till the next episode

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