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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, Tiferelia!

Happy 29th, Tiferelia!! I have chosen a "hot cake" for you and also some haikus!

Tell me, dear sister,
Is there time in your schedule
For fixing me food?

Yankees hit two nine
One day after you did, Tif
You guys could be twins

Oops, they're two seven
You are older after all
Don't cry--we love you

Also, from Mr. Nonny Nu...

sister 'o my loins
it is twenty-nine again
happy birthday tif

dearest tiffany
today we honor your life
pass the potatoes

years become ashes
tif turns back her birthday clock
batting eyelashes


Anonymous said...

Monkey pig: 29 yo. You are soooo young. No wrinkles and no gray hair (I had an adjective before gray hair to define anatomic location. But decided to hold due to no all of us are mature audience). Enjoy.....

Tiferelia said...

Nothing spells out love like a personalized it! Now pass me the potatoes!

Anonymous said...

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