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Monday, September 15, 2008

Second Careers?

This weekend, I happened upon some surreptitious second careering. What I mean is, I think that some people might be engaged in careers outside of their known ones. For example, as I was shopping for groceries, I came across this:
It appears that our dear old Midge is not only a financial analyst, but also has a second career making and selling "crunchy corn sticks." Not to be outdone, Green Thumbs McGillicutty seems to be capitalizing on her horticulture skills by opening the below establishment:
Should Midge's employer be made aware of this competing area of interest that is taking up so much of Midge's time? ("New studmuffin," my ass...) And, is this the real reason that GTM will be "taking some time off, starting next week??"


Freelance Midget said...

Neither Tings nor FM's representatives were available for comment.

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