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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friskies Commercial
by Sushi Cat (Madison Avenue guest blogger)

Hello, everybody!

How are you? I am fine. I have been a very busy kitty. Friskies International recently hired yours truly to film a commercial for them. So, I sat down at a windowsill and tried to figure out what was the best place a kitty could be. I came up with two and couldn't decide which one would be best--at home with the kitty's momma and daddy, or in Pet Paradise. So, being the writer and director of the commercial, I decided to put both in! I found a male model named "Morris" to star in the commercial (he lives next door to me in Pet Paradise), and the rest of my pals also pitched in. Here is the commercial:

Morris as Himself
Written and directed by Sushi Cat
Produced by Cotton Doggie (Mr. Nonny Nu's doggie)
Cinematography by Mr. Jones (Man from U.N.C.L.E.'s kitty)
Sound by Happy (PurpleNiobe's doggie)
Catered by Jennie, Craft Service's PP representative (PurpleNiobe's doggie)
Hair and Makeup by Coco (3-Fish's and Freelance Midget's doggie)
Gaffer...Jazmine (PurpleNiobe's doggie)


MonkeyPig said...

Wow...That's really creepy. It looks like Sushi...

Nonny Nu said...

I think that Sushi and her friends did a wonderful job on the commercial. And, Morris doesn't look like Sushi! Morris is brown and Sushi is grey and white. How soon have we forgotten Sushi, eh, MonkeyPig? You will soon begin to remember me as looking like Michael Jackson...

PurpleNiobe said...

What a lovely commercial! I got to say I'm surprised Jazmine was able to be a part of this without eating all the cat food (bag and all) and all of the other props. I guess Sushi is one heck of a boss!

Nonny Nu said...

Yes, Sush can be quite bossy. She used to herd us to bed every night. She's much more laid back now.