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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wow, will you just look at the time???

Okay, Mr. Nonny Nu is snoring away next to me, and I'm losing steam. Stillman, and other merciless TWoNN readers, I'm working on the blog entry for the July 4th hike. It's coming along just fine. No bumps in the road except that I'm dog tired and my brain is shutting down. So, I'll try to finish it tomorrow (technically, later on tonight). Okay, goodnight and good luck, chickadees.


stillman said...

dude, maybe lower your blogging standards or you'll never want to go hiking again! (hm, perhaps you set your alarm to write this post and *look* busy. I'm not buying it.)

Nonny Nu said...

(hm, perhaps you set your alarm to write this post and *look* busy. I'm not buying it.)
I'll bet you never sent $35 in the mail to some unknown stranger just because they asked you to, either.

stillman said...

Another rabbit-brained scheme of the NN.

Prince Tuesday said...

"Another rabbit-brained scheme of the NN."

...and the choir sang:

o/` aaaah-mehhn o/`